Your Professional Survey Research in 5 Easy Steps


Create questionnaire

  • Create multiple questionnaires with professional and easy-to-use tools at your fingertips.
  • Make your questionnaires more sophisticated by adding logic and enabling randomization.
  • Use incorporated script engine for survey coding.
  • Insert Eye Tracking question directly into your survey!
...or simply choose and purchase ready-to-use methodology at our Marketplace.

Customize design

  • Create your custom design for a questionnaire by inserting your own branding.
  • Pick one out of 10+ stylish templates for a fancy-looking questionnaire.
  • Want to make sure your design looks good on mobile devices? No problem! Cool Tool designs are adaptable to tablets and smartphones.
  • Your Eye Tracking question is already adjusted to your survey design!
...or easily hire a designer at our Marketplace to design survey for you.

Collect responses

  • Go Online! Simply publish a link online and collect your responses.
  • Be Mobile! Don’t let wires slow you down. Use any number of tablets and mobile devices to collect your responses with CoolTool mobile data collector.
  • Try Offline! Lack of Internet connection? Don’t let that stop you. CoolTool offline data collector allows you to continue gathering responses, even when there is no Internet connection. You can see all of the responses right after the Internet connection is back on.
  • Use Eye Tracking! Easily install $499 device and test ads, websites, products or product shelves.
….or simply hire a fieldwork supplier at our Marketplace to do that for you.

Process data

  • Get immediate access to your data and review results in a real-time.
  • Feel free to make any changes to your data – clean it up, recode open-ended questions.
  • Easily export raw data to XLS or SPSS, whichever is more convenient for your.
  • Get visualized results with Eye Tracking - heatmaps, gaze plots, area of interest, opacity maps and more!
… or easily choose and purchase data processing services at our Marketplace.

Generate reports

  • Fast, easy and simple get your automated reports and presentations, which you are free to open, review, edit and download.
  • Get more insights by editing your report, checking cross tabs and charts.
  • You can also download your report in fully editable PPT, PDF and XLS.
  • Cross analyze stats from Eye Tracking with survey data!
… or simply hire an analytic at our Marketplace to do that for you.
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