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What is CoolTool Marketplace?

Market research is the process of collecting, analyzing and presenting useful information about consumers.

Sometimes company lacks internal resources to deliver it on time and on a budget. It is hard to find a credible market research freelancer or provider.

Can you imagine a marketplace, which connects market research buyers, freelancers, research agencies and online panel providers together and allows to outsource any task? CoolTool, powerful and easy to use a self-service platform, does exactly that. It’s a cloud-based platform for survey research, fully equipped to carry out your own research or to get help with any tasks. Basically, you can outsource any research task where you don’t have enough experience or simply you don’t enjoy doing. CoolTool Marketplace has 4 categories:

Solutions. Multiple neuromarketing solutions and survey methodologies, including free solutions.
Services. Number of research services from research professionals.
Technologies. Eye tracking devices, EEG hardware and other technologies and techniques for your market research.
Target Groups. Online panels and SmartTarget sampling from reliable providers.

How does CoolTool Marketplace work?

When you are starting a new project you can get help from the marketplace at any stage of your research, regardless if it is a questionnaire translation or data analysis.

Ready-to-use solutions are available and can be downloaded at any time. All you need to do is to enter your brand name or upload materials you want to test. Great advantage is that questionnaire is already set for you, as well as design, data collectors and reporting. You can decide if you need any templates, hardware or services.

CoolTool account is free, some items at the marketplace are free and some are paid. CoolTool uses escrow protection system (similar to such freelance platforms, as PeoplePerHour or Elance), which helps ensure funds are available prior to freelancers start working. Only providers are paying commission and you are paying only the price listed for the item.

How to use CoolTool Marketplace?

To start using CoolTool Marketplace you should follow these simple steps.

1. Register a free account.

2. To use Services go to the marketplace and create an individual or public request.

Individual request is when you send a request to a pre-selected supplier. After creating a project you will have a dashboard with marketplace option next to each category on your dashboard (questionnaire, design, data collection, etc.). You can send requests to providers registered in marketplace directly from that dashboard. Then you can negotiate terms of agreements, select one supplier and release payment when the job is done. Note, to use this option you will need to create a project first, which you can do in one click once you have registered your account. Creating a project is also free.

Public request means that you have to create a request for a certain task, publish it to the marketplace and select a supplier from a list of providers, who have responded to your request.

3. To find a Solution go to the marketplace, pick an item, preview and buy it. The solution is already packed with a questionnaire, design, data collectors, as well as report settings appropriate for this particular project. All you need is to upload materials you want to test, brand survey with your logo and add questionnaire translation/data collectors if needed. For a sample you can upload your own respondents’ list or get select a target group from the same marketplace.

4. To select a Target Group. Enter target audience criteria (age, gender, occupation, geography) and the system will offer you the best fit from a marketplace. Or select a panel provider from the list and negotiate terms of a purchase.

5. To get a Technology go to the marketplace, choose an item and buy it. It’s as simple as that.

Services at CoolTool Marketplace

What services can I find at CoolTool Marketplace?

Powerful marketplace allows you to hire best professionals (agencies, consultants, freelancers) and choose from a wide range of services to reach your research objectives in a timely manner.

There are 5 major service categories available at CoolTool - questionnaire assistance, questionnaire style and customization, data collection, data processing and data analysis. Each of them is described in detail below.

Questionnaire Assistance

Questionnaire assistance implies entire spectrum of services related to your questionnaire.

It includes questionnaire design according to survey objectives and settings, questionnaire programming, adding advanced questionnaire settings (answer piping, validation and scripting), testing questionnaire before launching the survey so you don’t have to worry about grammar, translation of questionnaire and preparation of testing materials.

Questionnaire Style and Customization

Customized questionnaire helps you to meet your organization’s specific needs.

This service means that your questionnaire can be style-adjusted or separate elements of your design can be optimized. This service category also implies creation or editing of media files (logos, images, videos etc).

Data Collection

Data Collection is an important aspect of any type of research study.

Usually researchers collect data on their own. However, in case you need assistance with sampling or getting access to respondents, you can always get help from research professionals. Suppliers from a marketplace can help you calculate a sample size, consult on aspects of data collection or create a sample plan according to your survey objectives (e.g. prepare representative sampling according to real population statistics).

This service category also includes fieldwork services if required and it grants you access to your target groups in a few clicks.

Data Processing

Once the data is collected, it must be processed, analyzed and properly presented.

That is when data processing services come in handy. Suppliers within this category can help clean raw data by disqualifying bad-quality responses, as well as export data to SPSS or Excel, create and edit arrays in statistical analysis software, configure questions, merge data, carry out data coding and classification for open-ended answers.

In terms of NeuroLab projects, data processing services can be helpful in identifying and pre-selecting areas of interest (AOI) for static materials, as well as videos and websites. Suppliers within this category will help you analyze statistical data received from eye tracking, EEG, mouse tracking, emotion measurement and surveys for these specific AOIs.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a vital step in every research.

That is why CoolTool offers you automatically generated reports in a real time. These reports already have charts, diagrams, tables and other visualizations that help you analyze data. You can also employ crosstabs, filters, segmentation and many other features on your own. However, in case you need help with interpretations and analysis, you can always find research professionals at CoolTool Marketplace.

Marketplace can help you find suppliers to analyze data in CoolTool reporting system. This service implies advanced data analysis such as segmentation, regression analysis, PSM, etc.

Finally you can get help with analyzing data from NeuroLab - eye tracking, EEG, emotion measurement, mouse tracking visualizations, as well interpretation of AOI statistics and cross-analysis of neuromarketing data with data from surveys. Research professionals at CoolTool Marketplace can help you with analyzing data from NeuroLab tests, as well as give you recommendations on applications of these results.

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