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CoolTool for Behavioral Scientists

What is CoolTool for behavioral scientists?

CoolTool is a perfect solution for professionals who study human-to-human interaction.

Psychologists and sociologists find here easy and affordable tools for their professional research. Our software is a great example of one-stop solution. It’s a cloud-based platform where you can get help with any of your research tasks from multiple research providers.

Also, it’s a technology hub with advanced neuromarketing tools - EEG, eye tracking, professional surveys, emotion measurement, mouse tracking. You get fresh data right here, right now. If you have no time to configure and process data, find expert contractors at CoolTool Marketplace, they will carry out this and many other research tasks for you.

Benefits of using CoolTool

Discover 5 massive benefits of using CoolTool for behavioral science.

NeuroLab. NeuroLab is your one-stop solution for a full-cycle neuromarketing research. It allows you to collect data via eye tracking, EEG, emotion measurement and mouse tracking all at once. More so, all of the technologies are integrated into a survey. This allows you to cross analyze data from online surveys with neuromarketing data.

Fast results. Thanks to cloud technology data is gathered in a real time getting your results faster leaving you more time to plan your research.

Free account with ample opportunities. Free account gives you unlimited projects, free collectors, access to a questionnaire with over 20 types of questions, survey scripting, and filtering options. You can also export data and reports to XLS, SPSS, PDF and PPT. Plus more data collectors available at the marketplace.

Outsourcing tasks. Marketplace connects market research buyers, freelancers, research agencies and online panel providers together and allows you to outsource any research task.

Listing your own services. CoolTool welcomes all professionals to share their skills and expertise and of course, receive a proper payment for it. Simply list your services at the marketplace and let job offers pour in.

What does a free account get me?

Create a profile at CoolTool and start your research.

Create multiple projects. CoolTool is a platform that allows you to create unlimited projects according to your research needs.

Launch sophisticated questionnaires. You can create multiple questionnaires with professional and easy-to-use tools at your fingertips and make your questionnaires more sophisticated by adding logic and enabling randomization.

Use multiple data collectors. In order to collect responses, you can add CoolTool data collectors from a marketplace. We even listed a few free data collectors to get your started.

Collect data in a real time. Get immediate access to your data and review results in a real time.

Data management. Get raw data and manage it online or by exporting it to SPSS or XLS. Feel free to make changes to your data – clean it up or recode open-ended questions.

Create reports. You can get automated reports and presentations, which you are free to open, review, edit and download in fully editable PPT or PDF.

Use marketplace to outsource tasks. Basically, you can outsource any research task where you don’t have enough appropriate experience or simply you don’t enjoy doing.

See how CoolTool can help you

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