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How to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

How to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

The success of contemporary marketing is defined by how effectively a brand can catch and retain customers’ attention. The better you can keep them focused and interested in your brand and its products, the more they buy. At the same time, it’s a very challenging task since users are every day bombarded with tons of content. Catching their attention is similar to fishing in muddy waters. Nevertheless, there are several ways to boost your chances of building a successful digital marketing campaign. The first step is to find clear answers to the following seven questions.

What am I going to do?

Define your goals. Once you identified the purpose of the marketing campaign, you can identify tools, strategies and communication channels that will help you achieve it. Whether your campaign is directed at raising awareness, boosting sales or improving the image of a particular product among the target audience, defined goals will serve as a landmark that will guide you through the whole process of the marketing campaign development.

How much can I spend?

All things come at a price, and marketing campaigns are not an exception. Regardless of how high in the sky your plans can be, budget issues will always put them down to earth. That’s why it’s very important to clearly define the budget of the campaign, as well a certain percentage on which it can be increased in case of need. Always start spending money on crucial things first in order to make your ideas work and only then pass to additional tweaks and tricks.

Who do I want to impress?

If you don’t have a clear idea of who your real customers are, your marketing campaign is doomed to fail. You should have a clear vision of your target audience as well as create detailed profiles of your customers. These profiles should look like CVs, where you will have detailed information on where your customers live, what they prefer, what are their interests, how much they earn, their age, sex, occupation, etc. The more precise image of customers you have, the better you can tailor your communication to their needs and understand what will catch their attention.

Which technologies am I going to use?

Today, effective marketing is unimaginable without proper technologies. While you can always refer to social networks and other digital communication channels, you can also use more sophisticated and insightful technologies such as behavioral studies and neuromarketing tools. They will help you to get high-quality data about your customers’ behavior and preferences, as well as to measure the performance of your brand in terms of its emotional perception by users.

What are my key communication channels?

You should communicate with your customers where it’s the most comfortable for them. If they prefer video content then you should work in that direction and put emphasis on video platforms and create more videos. Try to use as many communication channels as possible in order to disseminate key messages of your marketing campaign to as many users as possible. Penetration of information is very crucial when we are talking about contemporary 8 seconds attention span driven communications.

Where and with whom am I going to compete?

Know your competitors and where your interests collide. Learn from them and try to identify their weak spots. Find ways to outperform them with the available communication tools in the communication channels which are the most convenient for you. Actually, as the history of marketing shows, creative coverage of your rivalry with competitors can be a very effective approach to product marketing.

Which image of the brand/product do I want to create?

Clearly define your brand values and communicate them consistently throughout all your communication products and materials. When coming across the name of your brand or its products, customers should have a clear set of associations that immediately pop up in their minds. That’s very important for effective marketing since you need to constantly persuade your customers that your products resonate with their lifestyle and values.

Effective digital marketing communications can’t be built overnight. They require consistent work, thorough research, detailed planning, budgets, and inspiration. And while the first four things depend majorly on you, we can help you with the last one. Read our material about top viral marketing campaigns of 2019 to get some inspiration for your own successful marketing campaign.



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