How To Make Sure Your New Logo Is Better Than the Previous One

03 Jan 2017

Are you planning to rebrand? Let us help you a little bit. Today we will tell you how to better test samples of the new logo, which a designer has just sent you.

1. Test your logo in all formats

People can notice your logo at various places: on websites, on a package, on printed materials, in videos.  So you should create a distinctive and easily recognizable logo.

Heat maps, which are created in course of eye tracking clearly demonstrate which of the samples was the most noticeable for customers. Place your new logo on different parts of the packaging. Heat maps will show where your logo is the most noticeable.

If the location of the logo does not affect its visibility then try to work on its design. Remember, a logo is the first visual association which appears in customer’s brain when they are thinking about the company.

2. We all love colors but don’t forget about black & white

People can see a logo not only on the screen but in printed materials which may be rendered in black & white as well. So it’s quite crucial to make the logo stand out even if it’s not performed in color.

3. Just ask

Yes, use the ordinary surveys to ask people which of the proposed samples they found more appealing. You will benefit a lot from it. After obtaining responses check it against the data you obtained in course of emotions measurement and eye tracking tests, and you will get the most accurate picture of the customers’ attitude towards you new logo.

Though, we don't recommend to use only surveys because, as such approach will substantially compromise the results of tests. People lie, you know :)

4. Keep it simple

The logo must be very simple so people could easily recognize it regardless of the place where they see it: on outdoor advertising, at the mall, on the screen or in printed sources. Ask your customers to draw your logo. The faster and more precisely they do it, the better for you.

For sure while you were reading this short piece, the logo of this Apple popped up in your mind at least couple of times. So next time you will decide to change a logo, consider those simple steps. Once you give them a chance, you will see that they are worth the effort.

By the way, in 2015, Google changed its logo. Do you like the new one? Did you notice it? The changes were quite modest but certainly were not done in vain.  Though some companies, such as TBS, for example, made far more drastic changes. What do you think about their bold approach? 


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