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Top 10 Movies on Marketing, Sales, and Start-ups Created to Inspire You

Top 10 Movies on Marketing, Sales, and Start-ups Created to Inspire You

The creation of great products and leading marketing campaigns requires not only thorough research but inspiration as well. Very often, in order to find it, we refer to case studies, TED-talks, business literature, seminars and courses. Though, sometimes, the best way to change the perspective on things is to search for new knowledge and insights in sources, not directly related to the marketing and business domain. Movies perfectly serve this purpose. Good films supply viewers with concentrated insights, which otherwise would require hours of tough thought process to be reached. So, being avid movie lovers, we went through a good bunch of articles and came up with this list of top 10 movies, which will allow you to have a good time and get some valuable insights about marketing, sales or business in general.

Spoiler alert: NO boring documentaries are on the list!

1. “Boiler room”

A film where Ben Affleck and Vin Diesel are young and wearing funny suits. Though, it’s not the only benefit of this movie. It tells a story of young stocks traders, who can sell everything, even things that don’t exist. It’s a very motivational piece explaining how to stay strong in front of any challenges, and why sometimes aggressive business methods bring enormous benefits. “Boiler room” is definitely a must-watch for all sales specialists, especially those struggling to make cold calling great again.

2. “The social network”

If you are doing a startup and is going through challenging times then this movie will help you find answers to some pertinent questions. It tells a story about how identifying an issue that bothers a lot of people and then finding an innovative way of solving it can change consumers’ behavior and challenge the traditional perception of things. We guarantee that after watching it, you will have an irresistible desire to start doing something new in your business. It’s a truly inspiring and at the same time educative movie, which teaches you that great success can only be achieved through hard work and overcoming tough business and personal challenges.


3. “Dead Poets Society”

This is a film about unconventional methods of doing conventional things. It’s about impressing, shocking and retaining the target audience with messages and concepts which are innovative and grotesque, but at the same time so attractive, that once you encounter them you become a fan. This film is full of irony, wittiness and Robin Williams’s perfection. Despite how absurd it may sound, “Dead Poets Society” is actually a 1989 movie about contemporary marketing methods.

4. “99 Francs”

A movie is no less provocative than a book. Not everyone will like it. Though, we still decided to put it on the list since it shows that true creativity often requires wildness, courage and even questionable moral values to promote very average products, which, let’s be honest, occupy at least 80% of any market. It’s a funky action full of quirky scenes and sarcastic, cynical speeches which can inspire you to think outside the box and remember to treat your profession as an art, rather than a process.


5. “The Wolf of Wall Street”

It’s definitely not the best movie to watch with your children, but a very smart choice if you want to learn about the dubious nature of insane business success. On the one hand, it can lift you and your company somewhere high in the clouds. On the other hand, it’s very easy to get mislead by the feeling of omnipotence and make mistakes that will destroy your business, career, and life. If to put aside all those insane parties, expensive cars and tons of cash depicted on the screen, this movie contains a lot of insights about teamwork, negotiation tactics, and reputation/brand management.


6. “Moneyball”

This film is based on a true story and is an excellent example of why experiments and unconventional decisions can bring outstanding results. Moneyball is also a movie for those, who still can’t fully grasp the value of data-driven decisions. The third important thing is that it shows how outsiders of a particular industry can bring changes that will skyrocket the company. This piece of art is highly recommended to watch for all business specialists who search for inspiration and courage to introduce long-awaited changes in their companies.


7. “Thank you for smoking”

«I get paid to talk», says the main character of the movie. Doesn’t it sound familiar, fellow marketers? This is a movie about how a comprehensive content strategy and consistent persuasive marketing can help you completely change consumers’ behavior and public perception of your product. In a nutshell, this is probably the best example of why behavior-based marketing is so effective in selling products and persuading consumers. It’s definitely worth watching if you are selling anything to anyone.


8. “The pursuit of happiness”

We bet that those of you who got disgusted after watching the first 15 minutes of “99 Francs”, will love this film with your full heart. Though, all others will also love it. It’s an inspirational story, especially worth watching for start-uppers, which shows that any commercial or financial intentions should serve a bigger, brighter goal to help other people in a certain way. This is a movie about values, motivation, persistence, and about things we do for other people in order to make ourselves and the surrounding world better – an approach to follow for any production- or service-based business.


9. “Crazy people”

This is an old-school comedy about advertising and why telling the truth sometimes might be the best marketing strategy, even though the truth is often unattractive. This is a very unserious movie full of serious advertising industry insights, which demonstrate that sources for true creativity can be found in the weirdest places on earth. “Crazy people” perfectly sums up why consumers are easier hooked up by emotional and audacious advertising rather than logical and discreet.


10. “Lord of War”

Learn how to build customers’ loyalty and talk to different types of clients from illegal arms trader. Sounds fascinating for a seminar on sales, isn’t it? Luckily enough, you don’t have to leave your cozy couch or loft open space to get this type of advice as there is “Lord of War” with Nicolas Cage. The film is full of advice on how to remain stress-resistant, work effectively with quite specific target audiences and negotiate best deals under very pressing circumstances.


We really hope that you will enjoy this cream of the crop selection of movies, and get some useful insight for your business. Have fun and may the inspiration always be with you!


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