CoolTool is:
Free Powerful Research Production Webtool
Create and analyse different kinds
of research projects
Project setup
Various research methods
  • Online surveys
  • Web surveys and polls
  • Mobile surveys
  • Virtual interviewer (IVR)
  • Tablets
  • Location based surveys
  • CATI etc.

Professional questionnaires
  • 14 types of questions and scales
  • Visual gaming elements
  • Rotation of questions and questionnaire sections
  • Integrated multimedia
  • Random multi-monadic demonstration of questions
  • Easy drag-and-drop
  • Questions and sections skip logic
  • Questionnaire personalization (adding logo etc.)

Wide quotation possibilities
  • Random sampling
  • Quota sampling by contact list (panel book) variables
  • Quota sampling by questionnaire variables

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  • Questionnaires
  • Project methodology
  • Ad-hoc research services
  • Questionnaire translation
  • Templates for questionnaires
  • Project management and consultancy services
Project start
Different ways to publish survey/ collect results
  • Contact lists
  • Respondent panels
  • Websites, social networks
  • QR code
  • Tablets and mobile devices
  • Kiosks
  • Call centers

Scheduled project start/finish Customised invitation and thank you messages

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  • Access to respondents (from online or mobile panels). Across the world
Fieldwork / Data collection
Comfortable project management tools
  • Project fieldwork status in real time
  • Fieldwork status by quota
  • Reminders for respondents
  • Real-time reports with survey results
  • Management of your own consumer panels
  • Rewards to respondents
  • Thank you message for respondents

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  • Credits to be used as rewards for your respondents
  • Mobile traffic for SMS or IVR
  • Project management and consultancy service
Project results
Automated reports
  • Presentation styled reporting system
  • Default or customized report templates
  • Crosstabs
  • Different chart types
  • Different table and chart styles
  • Significant difference analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Multi project reports (merging results from different projects)
  • Export to Excel
  • Export of raw data
  • Filtering by answers
  • Export 100% ready report to PDF

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  • Report design templates
  • Templates for reports
  • Consultancy services
CoolTool is:
Worldwide Research Marketplace
Buy or sell any research services
  Buy research services Sell your research
Use the best practices of other market research and consumer insight professionals Have respondents’ panels? Increase your sales opportunities by selling access to your panel using our platform
CoolTool is an open platform - choose partners based on reviews and quality of research materials Have full control over content going to your respondent panels via Marketplace
CoolTool is your reliable escrow agent, and will deliver payment immediately after the buyer receives the service Sell Ad-hoc services, methodologies, reports or research consultancy
  Use our feedback system for purchased project materials, services or consumer panels
CoolTool is:
Open Collaboration Platform
Cooperate effectively with your clients or partners
Your partner(s)
Collaborate with multiple partners/colleagues in each project

Your partner or colleague may assist you with project:
  • Check project status in real time (including status by quota)
  • Edit the questionnaire, methodology
  • Create his/her own report or edit an existing one
Use CoolTool multi-projects management system to save your time and efforts

  • Comfortable project management system
  • Real time automated reporting system
  • Secure platform with high level of data protection
  • Anti spam protection
  • Dedicated billing account to pay and get paid
  • Different ways of payment – credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer
  • Opportunities to setup, manage and sell your services or respondents panels
Your Client(s)
Serve your clients as never before

Each Client could participate in project according to individual privileges you setup in CoolTool

Your Client could:
  • Check project status in real time (including status by quota)
  • Observe the questionnaire, methodology, quota task
  • Create his/her own reports
  • Have access to the selected reports

CoolTool is

pure digital market research HUB

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