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Organizing a complex international research project can be quite a feat for one person. Especially, if you need to collect production tools, fieldwork resources and analytical tools from all over the place. Let CoolTool help you with that.

Letting your expertise shine has never been so simple. With CoolTool you've got all the tools to run any project just one click away.
No matter how complex.

  • Get the entire set of tools to conduct your projects. Powerful questionnaire engine, sampling tools, report and analysis module – everything inside one cloud platform
  • Hire contractors if you need assistance – collect your fieldwork from multiple respondent panel providers, organize translation of research materials or hire experts
  • Serve your clients online right inside CoolTool – share projects and reports in real time
  • Get guaranteed payment as soon as your project is done.

Plus, our marketplace will help you to find new clients and partners.

  • Publish your profile (or connect your LinkedIn profile) and attract new customers
  • Browse actual jobs, submit your bids and get a task right now
  • Sell questionnaires and methodologies like applications in app store. You will get paid each time as somebody is buying questionnaire you created.

CoolTool makes freelance life fun!

Frequently asked questions

CoolTool approach

Is it possible not only to find a Client at CoolTool Marketplace, but also to create and manage a project completely in your cloud-based system?

Is it really possible to go without third-party software for preparation, conduction and analysis of research (unless my project contains some extremely specific types of data analysis)?

Currently CoolTool mostly covers quantitative researches (surveys). Are you planning to provide features for other types of researches?

Can I really find potential customers at CoolTool? Does CoolTool Marketplace include not only consultants / freelancers, but also research agencies and survey buyers (customers)?

Can I in turn hire other service suppliers for my projects (for example, respondent panel suppliers or translation agencies)?

Can I use CoolTool for working with my existing clients?

Marketplace – selling your services

Can I publish my profile free of charge for selling services at CoolTool Marketplace?

Can I bind my LinkedIn profile to CoolTool system?

Will I be able to use CoolTool system for free (including Marketplace) after the trial period comes to and end?

Can I sell any research services provided that the results will be transferred / approved through CoolTool system?

If I have a community or a group of respondents, can I sell the access to them via CoolTool?

I have developed a number of superb questionnaires / methodologies. Can I sell the right to use those items to other users?

Will I get a guaranteed payment right after completing the job? Does CoolTool use ESCROW system (total sum of payment is blocked on a suspense account till fulfilment of obligations by the parties)?

Is the payment process safe enough? Is the correspondence between contractor and customer confidential?

Can I receive the notification about incoming request or message from the buyer on my email address? Can I reply directly from my email box?

Marketplace – selling your services

Can I observe the status of data collection in real time? Is it applicable for each quota cell / for each data collector?

I would like to receive my report straightaway as a presentation, so that I could add my conclusions and send results to the Client. Is it possible?

Can I plot both graphs and tables in the reports? Are there many types of graphs available?

Can I construct crosstabs right inside reports / presentations?

Is it possible to calculate statistical significance of respondents' answers with one click?

Can I write up my conclusions straight in the slides?

Can I create slides only for certain (filtered) respondents?

Can I process open questions so that the answers could be grouped and displayed in reports?

Is it possible to code several questions by one coding list?

Survey Tools

Can I create truly professional surveys?

Can I use scripts in questionnaires (for keeping logic, proper questions displaying etc.)?

Is it possible to use complex logic in questionnaires?

Is it possible to randomize questions, alternatives and sections?

Can I upload media files into questionnaires (photos, videos)?

Can I create multi-language questionnaires?

Can I assign custom (individual) numbers to questions and alternatives?

Can I change the design of questionnaire? Is it possible to use CSS for changing design?

Can I use "white label" solution for questionnaires?

Is it possible to hide CoolTool branding?

Can I import/export my questionnaires to/from CoolTool?

Is it possible to work with questionnaires on mobile devices?

Is it possible to use two-way redirect to external web-pages?

If the system is upgraded with new functionality, will I be able to use the new features under my current subscription (if allowed by my service plan)?

Will I really save money and time by using CoolTool instead of bulky and expensive traditional research software?

Data Collection

Is it possible to collect data from several sources inside one project?

Is it possible to send the invitations to respondents by using CoolTool email engine?

Can I send the invitations from my own email address?

Is it possible to duplicate the invitations to survey by sending text messages (SMS)?

Is it possible to collect data by using tablets (tablet computers)?

I would like to publish QR code on the package (or other place) for inviting respondents. Can I do it easily by using CoolTool system?

Can I specify sample criteria (target groups) basing on respondents' answers?

Can I collect responses online (at my own website, in social networks)?

In case I'm using my own contact list, can I select contacts or consumer groups to be invited and set quotas for them?

Can I work with external respondent panels (buy access to respondents from panel providers which are not available at CoolTool Marketplace)?

Can I add data collectors if necessary (even during fieldwork)?

Can I observe the status of data collection in real time?

The answer is

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