Less resources to spend. Much more insights to get

What if we say... you can understand your consumers as good as if you’re a nonconscious mind reader? CoolTool provides you with all tools you need to improve your business performance with valuable and easy-to-get consumer insights.

cooltool steps

1. Setup

Choose ready-to-use solutions from our library or integrate your own research approaches – find the best solutions for all your marketing goals.

2. Collect

Get consumer insights online (via the link, in-built panel, your own panel provider) or in controlled environments (in the lab).

3. Analyze

Replay individual and aggregated visualizations to know the level of consumers attention, emotions, and engagement. Track and improve your brand, ad, product, website, and customer performance.

Or do it yourself
if needed

Didn’t find the right solution? Create your own one that will suit your needs best.

CoolTool can be your comprehensive all-in-one DIY platform. Design your own methodology, add neuromarketing technologies into your study and easily cross-analyze all data from declared consumers' answers to the hidden insights - implicit responses.

cooltool dashboard
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