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NeuroLab is your one-stop solution for a full-cycle neuromarketing research. It allows you to collect data via survey, eye tracking, EEG and emotions measurement, all at once.
The latest cloud technology allows you to cross analyze data, create real time reports and share it with your clients. It is a great way to diagnose your printed and digital advertisement, website usability, video, product packaging, design and shelf placement.
Neuromarketing Research Tool

NeuroLab helps you to


Discover what
customers say

Surveys: Online. Mobile. Offline.
Core element of your NeuroLab – adaptive questionnaire layout to fit any screen. Benefit from fresh designs, sophisticated logic and script engine. No internet connection? No worries! Simply install free App and collect responses offline.

Discover what
customers see

Eye Tracking
Employ eye tracking technology to test ads, websites, product packaging, product shelf placement and video with free analytical tools in your NeuroLab. Order your easy-to-use device today at $499.

Discover what
customers think

Brain Activity: EEG
Get into shopper’s brain with EEG technology. Understand the impact product, ad or branding element has on customer’s perception. Your NeuroLab is fully equipped for that – no bulky sensors or invasive procedures, order a light headset at $199 and you are good to go.

Discover what
customers feel

Emotions Measurement
Learn the emotion your promo materials, products or brand is provoking. No hardware needed, as long as you have your webcam on! Now cross analyze results with data from a survey, eye tracking and EEG. All with an ease of cloud-based NeuroLab!
More so, NeuroLab is combined with CoolTool marketplace, which allows you to find suppliers for some or all of your research tasks.

Outsource to professionals

Get rid of time-consuming tasks by downloading ready-to-use methodologies and questionnaire templates at marketplace. Need help setting up or interpreting data from eye tracking, EEG or emotions measurement tests? Choose from numerous profiles to hire professionals to help you with your research tasks as you go. Fast and simple.
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NeuroLab – a comprehensive marketing research solution

Get into your target audience’s mind! Find weak spots in your marketing materials and fix them. Use the latest neuromarketing tools to their full potential!

Neuromarketing gives you better understanding of consumer behavior through study of human perception. In order to understand the way potential clients see and perceive your product or service, neuromarketing research considers such vital senses as sight and mind.

This technology helps you find answers to the most essential questions:

  1. How does the product make consumer feel?
  2. Which branding elements go unnoticed?
  3. Which one of your videos/advertisements/products gets more attention?
  4. Which details will consumers remember and which will they ignore?

NeuroLab is a combination of EEG, eye tracking, emotions measurement, click measurement and online survey solutions that are based on the latest neuroscience and marketing research. The unique features of NeuroLab will help you to:

  • Study buyers’ reaction to visual ads.
  • Measure attention and focus of potential buyers by monitoring their brain activity.
  • Get consumers more interested in your services and products by learning their emotions.
  • Increase effectiveness of your marketing materials.
Neuroscience plus marketing – a formula for efficient business

Knowing wishes and needs of the target audience is a key to a successful advertisement campaign, rebranding or new product launch. It is essential to study the subconscious reaction of potential clients to your brand, their perception of the website and ad content. Traditional polls or surveys will not get you this data. This is where other relevant neuromarketing methods come into play.

We developed one solution for all business fields. Use all of the available technologies to know your buyer better:

  • EEG technology (Electroencephalogram);
  • Online surveys;
  • Eye tracking;
  • Emotions measurement
  • Click and mouse movement measurements

We offer you a comprehensive set of neuromarketing software to analyze behavioral factors of your target audience. NeuroLab includes the research software and devices for obtaining and processing data. Expert marketers everywhere in the world confirm the efficiency of this in-depth approach to analytics. Our marketing research tools are perfect for innovative research agencies.

One of the NeuroLab’s main benefits is that you get fresh data right here, right now. Have no time to configure and process the marketing research data? You can easily find expert contractors at CoolTool, who will gladly carry out this and many other research tasks for you.

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