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NeuroLab Hardware
What is NeuroLab Kit?
NeuroLab Kit is a set of neuromarketing hardware that is requred to conduct a full-scale NeuroLab projects at CoolTool.

NeuroLab Kit includes one Eye Tracker - device that is used to collect eye tracking data, and one EEG Headset - device for collecting brain activity data for NeuroLab tests.
NeuroLab Kit vs NeuroLab Kit PRO
NeuroLab Kit includes Eye Tracker Basic and EEG device.

NeuroLab Kit Pro includes Eye Tracker PRO and EEG device. The difference between these two kinds of eye trackers is:

Eye Tracker Basic is a great solution for research that test materials that last 1 minute or less, since this model does not have head movement compensation function. Therefore, distance between head and display should be the same during calibration and all the steps of the test, which means that you will need to notify your respondent to keep stable position during the test.

Eye Tracker PRO is pefect for testing long videos or website usability, when respondent is required to stay in front of a screen for a while. This model has head movement compensation algorithm, therefore respondent is not required to remain completely still during the test.
NeuroLab Solutions
What are NeuroLab Solutions?
NeuroLab is your one-stop solution for a full-cycle neuromarketing research.

It includes 4 neuromarketing solutions - eye tracking, emotions measurement, mouse tracking and EEG. All of these solutions are easily integrated into your online survey.

The latest cloud technology allows you to cross analyze data from these solutions with data from surveys, collect results in a real time, generate automated reports and share it with your clients. It is a great way to diagnose your printed and digital advertisement, website usability, video, product packaging, design and shelf placement.
What is NeuroLab Eye Tracking?
NeuroLab Eye Tracking helps you discover what customers see.

Biometric measurements allow you to collect physiological data in ways that were not previously possible. Eye tracking is a unique method to objectively measure consumer’s attention and spontaneous responses to marketing messages. Eye tracking lets you see how consumers react to different marketing messages and understand their cognitive engagement in the real time. It minimizes recall errors and the social desirability effect while revealing information conventional research methods normally miss.

With eye tracking, you can collect raw, pre-cognitive data that tells the true story of the user's experience. The usage of the eye tracking now opens up the possibility of measuring authentic behavior from ads, websites, product packaging, product shelf placement and video with free analytical tools at NeuroLab.
What is NeuroLab Emotions Measurement?
NeuroLab Emotions Measurement helps you discover how customers feel.

Non-verbal gestures play a significant role in the communication process and can provide critical insight into users experience while interacting with websites or other products. Most researchers measure people emotions based on their affective display, which is their emotional expressions. The affective display includes facial expressions, bodily postures, and vocal expressions. To measure affective display, researchers generally use observation techniques and self-report via questionnaires. At present, they also utilize computer programs that are able to code expressive behavior and “read” the emotion of an individual.

With cloud-based NeuroLab solution, no hardware is required as long as you have your own webcam! Additionally, you can cross-analyze results with data from a survey, eye tracking or EEG.
What is NeuroLab Mouse Tracking?
NeuroLab Mouse Tracking helps you discover how customers browse.

Testing websites is always about dynamics. While navigating through website people interact with it in a million different ways by concentrating their attention on this or that part of the website, clicking on various references, buttons, pop-up windows, closing and opening different pages, following links, etc.

Such interaction is called user experience. Despite the fact that all user experiences are different, you can still measure them. Upon measurement you’ll get a valuable data which will allow you to improve your website in order to make customers stay longer, research your content as well as buy your products and services. You can trace how customers navigate on your website with their mouse cursor, where they click, whether they scroll down to the bottom of the page or are searching for necessary information just on the top of the page. You can also see whether they navigate through several pages of the website or just spent couple of minutes before leaving, how long do they search for necessary action button or how long they think before clicking on it, etc.

As you can see, the amount of data that you can collect about the customer’s behavior and interaction with your website is really unlimited. For online shops the importance of such information is hard to overestimate. For example, in the video report compiled upon emotions measurement you will find out whether person was hesitating while making a purchase as you will see how many times customer hovered a cursor over the “BUY” button, and whether he/she finally made a purchase. Combined with emotion measurement mouse tracking will also help you better understand which emotions customers feel when interacting with various parts of your website, whether its design is appealing and engaging, or just makes them distracted and reluctant.

If you want to convert more leads into customers – mouse tracking combined with other CoolTool technologies is the best way to do it, as it enables you to understand customer’s behavior and as a result manage it depending on your goals.
What is NeuroLab EEG?
NeuroLab EEG helps you discover how customers react.

There are various ways to measure brain activity. We are focusing on EEG as a technique to understanding user’s mental states. EEG enables you to monitor user’s emotional states in real-time. It can show if a customer is frustrated when they experience usability problems and also when they really like a product. For example, during online shopping, brain activity can be measured with EEG, and participants can comment about their experiences in debriefing interview. It can also be used to assess emotional engagement during interaction with products.

EEG is far less invasive than other neuroimaging methods and modern devices are available at reasonable cost. Order a EEG headset at $199 and you are good to go.
What are NeuroLab Surveys?
NeuroLab Surveys help you discover what customers say.

With our service you can easily create surveys for mobile devices, gauge customer satisfaction, retrieve important information from customers and keep a record of services that you provide.

The core element of NeuroLab is responsive questionnaire layout that will fit to any screen. Packed with features, your surveys will be engaging and interactive. Most importantly thanks to NeuroLab technologies that are fully integrated to the survey you can cross-analyze survey data from all 4 NeuroLab solutions.
What if I am new to neuromarketing
CoolTool allows you to outsource any complicated tasks to research professionals at CoolTool Marketplace.

Basically, you can outsource any research task where you don’t have enough experience or simply you don’t enjoy doing. When you are starting a new project you can get help from the marketplace at any stage of your research, from questionnaire translation to data analysis. Ready-to-use solutions or methodologies are also available and can be downloaded at any time. More so, some of them are available for free. Once you buy or download the methodology all you need to do is enter your brand name or upload materials you want to test to the questionnaire.

The great advantage is that questionnaire is already set for you, as well as design, data collectors, and reporting. You can decide if you need any templates, hardware or services at any stage of the project.
Introduction to NeuroLab
What is NeuroLab?
NeuroLab is a set of tools for testing printed or digital advertising, website usability, video, product packaging, design and shelf placement.

Take advantage of a full-cycle neuromarketing research within one platform. One-stop solution allows to collect data via online surveys, eye tracking, EEG, mouse tracking and emotions measurement altogether. With a help of cloud technology solution, you can cross-analyze data, create real-time reports and share it with your clients.

Enter a nascent field of neuromarketing where you can tap into the pleasure center of your clients.
Can I collect NeuroLab data offline?
Right now the only NeuroLab technology that has an offline option is Survey.

You can use it to set up kiosk surveys in stores, restaurants, etc. However to collect data via eye tracking, EEG, emotions measurement or mouse tracking technologies you need stable Internet connection.

Our team is working on offline solution for neuromarketing technologies. If you want to receive this and other updates about our product, please subscribe to our newsletter here.

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