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Create your questionnaire at, using multiple professional tools and mobile-adaptable designs.


Download FREE CoolTool app on to devices you are going to use for collecting responses.


Upload your questionnaire onto the devices using Internet connection.


Collect your responses by setting up kiosks at malls, stores, airports or have an interviewer collect it for you. No Internet connection is required when collecting your responses.


Done! Check out how all of your data is stored and delivered to you in automated reports. All of your data will be synchronized once the Internet connection is back on. In case you had your Internet the entire time, all of the data will be stored automatically in a real-time mode.

Why CoolTool?
  • We help you lessen the expenses associated with data collection. CoolTool reduces the amount of manual work required when collecting data. No need to enter and process your questionnaire manually anymore. Get the most basic, low cost tablet and get rid of the hassle. This also reduces the number of personnel required, bringing down the overall cost of data collection process.
  • We help you be in charge of the process. CoolTool app allows you to manage data collection settings – time wise, geography wise and soon to be introduced – AV wise.
  • We help you keep respondents' engaged. CoolTool allows you to add various multimedia, games and advanced automated logic to keep respondents interested. This makes surveys much simpler, shorter and more entertaining.
  • We help you get your data fast. CoolTool allows you to create a professional questionnaire in less than half an hour and to download an app with your questionnaire on it in a few minutes. We deliver your results automatically in a form of presentation right after the survey is complete.
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