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Conduct research in a brand new way with Online Survey Solutions

Online survey solution is a go-to tool for any researcher. From questionnaire design to primary data analysis, you have the best professional survey tools at your service. Here is a small list of them:

  • Vast choice of question types:
    • Single, multiple answers and open-ended questions;
    • Various rating questions;
    • Questions with multimedia;
    • Eye tracking questions (website usability, product shelf placement, video and advertising);
  • Rich assortment of easy-to-adjust questionnaire design themes;
  • Simple primary data collection;
  • Effortless access to the acquired information;
  • Convenient report generating system;

All survey tools are available whenever you want, wherever you are!

Even more, using CoolTool you can outsource tasks at any stage of your research, which allows you to concentrate on tasks you enjoy and know how to do.

Mobile survey tools, included in online survey solutions get research effectiveness to the next level. Automatic adaption of the questionnaire design to respondents’ mobile devices makes research much smoother for both the researcher and respondents.

Using mobile survey tools you will forget about hassles associated with primary data collection

Primary data collection – the most time-consuming of all research stages. It is obvious that questionnaire design and the following analysis of the results are equally important, but they are completely meaningless without the fieldwork.

Let us see, how the mobile survey tools can dramatically simplify the process of data collection:

Traditional survey Online survey solutions
Low efficiency. One interviewer can gather up to 100 responses, depending on questionnaire complexity. High efficiency. The respondents receive a link to the questionnaire and undertake the survey without interviewer’s assistance. This allows to cover broader audience in one day, getting you as many responses as you need fast and easy.
You need to hire lots of staff to carry out the fieldwork for you. Survey is self-administered, so there is no need to hire multiple interviewers. Survey software gets the whole job done.
The surveying process is inconvenient for the respondent. In most cases, the person is questioned in aural way. This is especially true for questionnaires with advanced logic when the next question asked depends on the last response. It is also time-consuming. Respondents take the survey in the most convenient way: using his or her mobile device to read and answer the question. Also there is an option of advanced logic implementation within the online survey solution.
Data processing is time-consuming. The bigger the sample the more information needs to be structured and entered in to the database. All results are automatically stored in the database. All data is collected in a real-time, which makes it instantly accessible for the further analysis.
It is impossible to gather data, which can not be acquired verbally. Eye tracking devices are supported. They visually show you how customers perceive your product.

There is no doubt that CoolTool online survey solution holds more advantages than any traditional survey.

Why CoolTool?
  • We provide you with multiple easy-to-use, yet professional tools to build your survey.
  • We present you with truly professional tools, such as survey script engine, enabling you to use advanced logic in your projects.
  • We give you multiple customizable designs that are adapted to mobile devices.
  • We offer you an opportunity to collect responses without being restrained geographically or time-wise.
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