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We are your cloud-based sales channel

It can be tricky finding more clients. You know that going digital can help you sell your services, but it's hard to know where to start. Let CoolTool help you with that.

Sell your services and find new clients at our marketplace connecting all the industry players.

  • Publish your panelbook and sexy description of your panel at Cooltool Marketplace and receive new clients. CoolTool supports data collection from multiple sources. Your sample may be purchased as an entire project or it may be used as a part of survey with difficult-to-reach target groups.
  • Don't be afraid of new way of cooperation: We bring regular things into the cloud making research more effective: get RFQ, negotiate price, get survey link, use back links to monitor status of the fieldwork and get paid.
  • Don't spend time and resources for integration with CoolTool. It normally takes up to 30 minutes to prepare your panel for sales.
  • Your data is safe with us – you don't need to upload any contact details of your respondents into CoolTool.

Save money on research software – work in cloud

  • Create truly professional questionnaires and host them at CoolTool. Use survey scripts, advanced logic and endless design opportunities to create your perfect surveys. Export result into SPSS or deliver automated reports/presentations directly to your clients
  • Use CoolTool as sample exchange. You can buy respondent samples from other providers combining them inside integral project. Don't limit yourself with your respondents base or geography

It's a great new sales channel – and it's for free.

Frequently asked questions

CoolTool approach to selling & buying panels

Can I fully integrate my panel(s) into CoolTool Marketplace automatically?

Can I separately sell panels which include different target groups?

Can the Client combine several such panels inside one project?

Can I free of charge publish the profile of my panel books for sale?

Will it really take less than 30 minutes?

Is there really no need to upload the contact details of my respondents into CoolTool system? Can I unite respondents by using some ID-numbers, while the invitations will be sent from my own system?

Is there a possibility to use backlink system for observing the status of all interviews (including complete, screenout and overquota)?

Can the Client check the availability of target groups before starting the project?

Can we use individual pricing? Is it possible to change the price by mutual consent?

Is it safe enough to perform payments? Will I receive payment right after completion and approval of works? Can I use received payment for buying access to other panels?

Are both credit card and wire transfer payments supported?

Do I really have to pay only 12% commission from the whole amount of sale and only after receiving money from the Client?

Is the correspondence between contractor and customer confidential?

Can I receive the notification about incoming request or message from the buyer on my email address? Can I reply directly from my email box?

Can I buy access to respondents from other panels (and collect results from different panels inside one project) by using CoolTool system?


Can I use CoolTool questionnaire engine for creation and hosting of my questionnaires?

Can I create truly professional surveys?

Can I use scripts in questionnaires (for keeping logic, proper questions displaying etc.)?

Is it possible to use complex logic in questionnaires?

Is it possible to randomize questions, alternatives and sections?

Can I upload media files into questionnaires (photos, videos)?

Can I create multi-language questionnaires?

Can I assign custom (individual) numbers to questions and alternatives?

Can I change the design of questionnaire? Is it possible to use CSS for changing design?

Can I use "white label" solution for questionnaires?

Is it possible to hide CoolTool branding?

Can I import/export my questionnaires to/from CoolTool?

Is it possible to work with questionnaires on mobile devices?

Is it possible to use two-way redirect to external web-pages?

If the system is upgraded with new functionality, will I be able to use the new features under my current subscription (if allowed by my service plan)?

Will I really save money and time by using CoolTool instead of bulky and expensive traditional research software?

The answer is

How other market players can benefit from CoolTool

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We are your cloud-based agency
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We are your cloud-based partner
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We are your cloud-based workplace
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We are your cloud-based sales host
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