Five core applications to get holistic consumer insights on multiple issues

Sophisticated research in a simple way

Innovative, smart, and easy-to-use technologies are here for you to predict consumers' preferences and behavior better. Ensure the ad is engaging and design is effective, identify what emotions the brand provokes, improve the website performance and start converting leads to customers and customers to fans twice as successful.

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Brand performance
Check what place your brand takes in consumers’ hearts and minds; test if all brand elements serve the brand consistency, uncover weaknesses and turn them into the stairs to real brand success.
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Product performance
Make your product a thing consumers always keep in mind while they're thinking about shopping. Find out how easy it is to find the product on the shelf or among the website items; reveal consumers' real experience of using the product.
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Ad performance
Find out how consumers respond to your creative advertising and fulfill your advertising goals. Gain deep and smart insights needed to make advertisement work as they should work.
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UX/UI performance
See through the consumers’ eyes. Understand which elements convert users into clients and which ones confuse them, which parts are likely to be overlooked, and how users feel when they use your website or app, etc.
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Consumer Performance
While sales indicate your current success, satisfaction may indicate your future success. Understand how satisfied your customers are and what they say about your brand, company, services, etc.
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