Brand performance

Uncover the brand's desirability and profitability and get to know how to accelerate brand growth
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Turn your brand into a legend

Strong brands create loyal customers. Check what place your brand takes in consumers’ hearts and minds; test if all brand elements serve the brand consistency, uncover weaknesses and turn them into the stairs to real brand success

Ask consumers via powerful surveys and measure their nonconscious reactions via implicit tests at the same time. Use the power of neuro-tools to find out in depth how your brand performs.

  • Brand Health Diagnostic
  • Brand Tracking (awareness, loyalty, associations)
  • Brand Perception & Recognition
  • Brand Positioning & Touchpoint Research
  • Brand Elements Implicit Testing (name, logo, color)
  • Rebranding: Brand Identity Examination
  • New Brand: Concept Perception
  • Brand Value
  • Brand's Mental Availability/Brand Salience
3 Easy Steps to brand insights
Choose methodology
to comprehensively test your brand
Reach your target audience worldwide
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Get deep brand insights
within hours
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  • Discover key brand perception drivers
    Use neuro-tools integrated with surveys as one solution to find real drivers that form consumers’ attitude towards a brand

  • Reveal brand weakness, threats and opportunities
    Start learning about brands in a sophisticated way to uncover not only why people are loyal to a particular brand but also what are the weak points that could ruin a brand in perspective

  • Create a memorable and competitive brand
    Find out and optimize the identical brand elements to build a strong brand awareness strategy

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