Consumer performance

Monitor consumer satisfaction
to keep them happy and loyal
cooltool consumer satisfaction test

Turn your consumers
into die-hard fans

While sales indicate your current success, satisfaction may indicate your future success. Understand how satisfied your customers are and what they say about your brand, company, services, etc. Become able to resolve any client’s problem by just being aware of it in time

Identify how happy or unhappy your customers, visitors or employees are. Permanently using a professional consumer satisfaction survey will help you to keep your products and services at a high level and always meet consumers' expectations.

  • Users’ or Consumers’ Satisfaction Measurement (towards website, event, product, etc.)
  • Satisfaction of Customers before They Purchase a Product (or not)
  • Predicting Future Behavior Based on Consumer Satisfaction
3 Easy Steps to consumer insights
Choose methodology
or/and add your questions
Collect responses
online from any place
Get consumer feedback
fast and easily
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  • Make sure your clients are happy
    Get to know what aspects of your business your customers praise or blame the most

  • Improve your marketing efforts accordingly
    Measure customer and user satisfaction to know how your marketing performs and where it could be improved

  • Build a strong brand
    Collect feedback to identify and fix any weaknesses in the production or services that could lead to distressed customers

Learn real customer experience

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