Product performance

Make sure your product packaging is nice and noticeable as much as possible
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Make your product
a “people’s choice”

Make your product a thing consumers always keep in mind while they're thinking about shopping. Find out how easy it is to find the product on the shelf or among the website items; reveal consumers' real experience of using the product.

94% of the world’s population recognizes Coca Cola’s packaging.

Optimize your product performance with real consumer insights

Get to know if a package is visible on a shelf
Use Eye Tracking technology while testing product on a shelf simulator to find out how much attention your product attracts compared to other products on a shelf
Compare different products with each other
Get to know which characteristic (stylish, desirable, expensive, useless) is more applicable to product A or product B with an implicit test
Find out if people have biases
An implicit test will show whether people have prejudice about a product even if they have never used it themselves
Define which product is a real 'people’s choice'
Find out if you have managed to build the strong enough emotional connection in consumers' minds to make the product top of mind when it comes to shopping in this category
cooltool implicit test insights
cooltool implicit test insights

Find out where consumers’ attention goes in a store, what they notice first when seeing a product on a shelf, and how often they choose this product compared to others on a shelf. Using neuro-tools will help you to test your product package far and wide and determine the package design that will work best

  • Product Concept Analysis
  • Product Usage
  • Product Acceptance & Category Fit
  • Package Design
  • Package Appealing Testing
  • Product Shelf Performance
  • Pricing Research
  • Market Segments Determination

3 easy steps to product insights

Upload package(s) to test
its' performance potential consumers
Collect responses online
or in the lab with hardware
Get actionable insights
within hours, not weeks
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  • Identify key issues and avoid expensive mistakes
    Make sure the new package design performs successfully before its launch

  • Boost package visibility on a shelf
    Test product package design in terms of its noticeability and correlation with a brand

  • Determine the best pricing strategy
    Uncover how people perceive a particular product in terms of price - whether they are ready to pay more than you supposed

Get the intelligent insights

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