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What are Target Groups?
Target group represents current or potential customers of your company, consumers of your products and services.

Depending on applied criteria target groups may vary significantly. You can sample people in target groups according to their gender, age, occupation, food preferences, purchasing habits, etc. You can even unite people in target groups according to the number of their followers on social networks, number of posts they make per day or number of “likes” their photos get.

The rightly defined target group is the core element of every successful survey. The more criteria are used to define a target group - the more accurate and relevant information you get.

Thanks to today’s simplified access to users' personal information via social networks and other online platforms it is far easier to sample a target group for survey and adjust it to selected audience.

Though, sometimes companies don’t have enough capacity and resources to do it on their own. In such cases the best option is to refer to agencies, which provide services in profiling and sampling of target groups according to your criteria. Online panel providers help you to get just the right sample, no matter which information you want to get – starting with opinion of fans of particular football team about particular brand of beer and finishing by measuring the level of satisfaction of senior women from new face skin care cosmetics. Providers of such services are very helpful especially when you do not have your own contact database of customers or when you are facing difficulties with defining right set of criteria for choosing the most suitable target group for your survey.
How to select a Target Group?
No matter how much time and effort you put into developing your survey, if you don’t have a particular target group of people to ask your questions, you will fail.

And no matter how good your questions are. If you ask “wrong” people to answer “right” questions you will never get the information you are looking for.

That is why the key prerequisite for conducting a good survey is finding a relevant target group of respondents who will provide you with the most consistent and precise information regarding subject of your survey. In order to identify such group you need to use profiling, which is basically a procedure of identification of people who will or are suppose to take part in your survey according to a number of criteria.

Profiling enables you to bring the structure of the target group of your survey as close as possible to the real structure of the audience who uses your products and services. If 70% of your product consumers are women, the target group of the survey should also consist predominantly of women, because they will provide you with the most accurate information on your product or service as they interact with it far more often than men.

To put it simply you won’t ask 14-15 year old kids about their attitude towards new safety features in the new car, because they simply don’t know how to drive. Of course, they might have some opinion in this regard, but the information which they will provide will be most probably far less accurate and relevant than that provided by male drivers of 25-45 years old. At the same time you will definitely ask 12 year old boys how they imagine a perfect skateboard if you are developing a new model. Furthermore, while asking children you can also refer to opinion of those 25-45 years old drivers, because some of them used to skate or continue practicing it even today. But still your target group for the survey about skateboards will be 14-15 year old kids, as they are able provide you with the most relevant and useful information.

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