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It can be tough to introduce new technologies or solutions into such conservative industry as market research. Especially, if you don't have a bridge that can link you to all other research technologies and market players. CoolTool is your reliable host that helps you to solve this.

With CoolTool you can integrate your technology or service into comprehensive platform for market research and make it available globally

  • Be new and forward-thinking with CoolTool. We encourage new technologies and offer the best environment for them to be implemented and grow.
  • CoolTool's architecture allows a smooth and stress-free integration into our cloud-based platform.
  • Integrate your technology or services into CoolTool cloud-based platform with our ready-to-use API. If we don't have API or integration solution for you yet, feel free to contact us. We can always find a way that suits your product placement best.
  • If you don't need integration, sell translation services or any other research-related services using listings in CoolTool Marketplace. It's simple, fast and free.

Make money serving market research professionals

  • Boost your sales by opening your technology to a new market. Benefit from CoolTool's established clients' network, as well as a positive recognition within the industry.
  • Not only that you place technology within an easy-to-use platform, now it is available internationally. Welcome to the global market of market research industry!

CoolTool is your easy and profitable way to market research industry.

Frequently asked questions

Suppliers vs DIY

Can I organize the entire project by myself, without involving any contractors?

Can I outsource only part of my task (e.g. translation or assistance with questionnaire)?

Can I outsource complete project with project management?

May I work with both research agencies or freelancers/consultants?

Can I start creating my project and negotiating terms with suppliers without adding money into account?

I would like to read reviews of other users before start working with the supplier. Is it possible?

Can I send my request to several potential suppliers, then select the best one based on proposal?

Can I publish my RFQ so that anyone competent is able to apply for it?


Can I pay only when job is done?

Do you guarantee my money is safe while escrow procedure?

Is it possible to re-negotiate terms by consensus even during the process?

The answer is

How other market players can benefit from CoolTool

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