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Discover and validate what consumers see, think,
and feel beyond their conscious control
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One platform.

Multitude of insights.

Start understanding your audience much better with intelligent insights based on nonconscious measurements. In several clicks you can track consumers attention, emotions, implicit value, get to know your brand perception and marketing communication performance - all at the one platform. Make better brands, products, ads, apps, customer and user experience at any stage of development. From testing new concepts to finding actionable truths for strong marketing strategies.

Deep insights.

Faster. Cheaper. Better.

A deeper understanding of consumers means better predicting their preferences and intention. The AI-powered survey engine integrated with webcam Eye Tracking, Emotion Measurement, Implicit tests, EEG and Website Behavior Tracking allows you to uncover not only what consumers do but also WHY they do it. This innovative approach will accelerate brand progress, reduce research costs, make your marketing impactful as never before.

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‘Easy building platform for neuro projects. Good for researchers who are starting to introduce neuromarketing projects on their organizations’
Toffee Perez, Research Associate,
Philippine Survey and Research Center

What you get with CoolTool

Conscious +
nonconscious feedback

Stop relying on pure survey: track eye and gaze movement, attention and emotion level, mouse movement and clicks for valuable customer insights.

Unlimited survey

Create professional surveys with advanced logic, use answers filtering, set quotas, randomize questions or sections, build cross tabulations and export raw data.

Direct and remote
access to respondents

Your target audience is always several clicks away from you. Easily choose location, age, gender and more additional options and get reliable insights within 24 hours.

Results you may
rely on

Take advantage of the unique quality control of responses and disqualify low-quality responses by completion speed, matrix patterns, open answers, calibration criteria to analyze accurate results only.

AI integrations

Automate research globally by your standards and transform your Big Data into valuable consumer insights with AI integration. Conduct projects anywhere in the world, analyze all data in one place.

Real-Time Results
and Collaboration

Speed up the research or testing process by securely sharing your projects with stakeholders to get feedback in minutes.

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