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What is CoolTool?

It’s an automated cloud-based NeuroLab for getting powerful neuromarketing insights with ease.

It includes eye tracking, emotion measurement, brain activity (EEG), mouse tracking, and surveys, which can be used separately or together.

Why use CoolTool NeuroLab?

All our neuromarketing tools are integrated with surveys and packaged in one automated solution.

It allows you to add neuromarketing tools into your portfolio fast and use them easily. We always care to keep the solution as user-friendly and affordable as possible.

What is it and who is it for?

NeuroLab is a comprehensive solution for research agencies and usability labs.

It’s for testing video, printed or digital advertising, website usability, product packaging, design, and shelf placement.

How do you use it?

Choose a ready-to-use solution or create your own methodology, upload the material you want to test, collect the responses, then enjoy the report with vivid charts, graphics, and visualizations, created automatically for you.

See how CoolTool can help you

‘Easy building platform for neuro projects. Good for researchers who are starting to introduce neuromarketing projects on their organizations’.
Toffee Perez, Research Associate,
Philippine Survey and Research Center
‘I perform surveys of commercial insights using CoolTool, it has all the resources necessary’.
Daniel Piardi, CEO,
Brain 4 Business
‘All in one gives Researchers tools for better interpretations of measurement and translate that into actionable recommendations’.
Sami Ghabrial, Research Manager,
Marketeers Research
‘It reminds me of a standard market research quantitative study, which is comforting when you're using a brand new technology you've never used before’.
Megan Palmer, Senior Research Associate,
Insightrix Research Inc.
‘All the various report are easy to understand and very customizable with own logo’.
Charlemagne Lim, Director,
Acure Brain Lab Pte Ltd.

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