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We are your cloud-based agency

Conduct projects by yourself or hire agencies / freelancers and get all benefits of CoolTool and third-party research technologies.

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Research Agencies
We are your cloud-based partner

It's a real nuisance dealing with endless suppliers
and different survey technologies. However, it's nice to be more competitive and able to offer better services to clients, isn't it?
Let CoolTool help you with that.

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We are your cloud-based workplace

Organizing a complex international research project can be quite a feat for one person. Especially, if you need to collect production tools, fieldwork resources and analytical tools from all over the place. Let CoolTool help you with that.

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Panel Providers
We are your cloud-based sales channel

It can be tricky finding more clients. You know that going digital can help you sell your services, but it's hard to know where to start. Let CoolTool help you with that.

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We are your cloud-based sales host

It can be tough to introduce new technologies or solutions into such conservative industry as market research. Especially, if you don't have a bridge that can link you to all other research technologies and market players. CoolTool is your reliable host that helps you to solve this.

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