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[Infographic] 5 Tips for Trendy Measuring Emotions

[Infographic] 5 Tips for Trendy Measuring Emotions

What was the last animated movie you watched? Frozen? Moana? Coco? Without a doubt, there was a cute and funny animal or sidekick.  These days, in every family-friendly cartoon there is just such a character, whose only goal is to please you, to cause pleasant emotions.

This funny or cute creature is not the main character, and only appears on the screen a few times, but the audience will talk about him or her more than about the plot or other characters. They are waiting for him to appear on the screen because he evokes tenderness, humor or simply surprises them. Such emotions are extremely important.

Emotional marketing is quickly gaining momentum. Among the neuromarketing technologies, the emotion measurement tool is the most trendy (after eye tracking). Remember that now on CoolTool you can measure emotions online (directly in the browser, without the application).

Testing what emotions people are experiencing can be done in relation to many things. But we particularly recommend testing such videos as commercials or trailers. Such videos must necessarily provoke emotions, otherwise, they will not "work" as they should.

To measure emotions effectively, it is necessary to remember several rules. We have prepared an infographic that will help you remember these rules. This will make measuring emotions an understandable and exciting process.

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