5 IFs to Ignore Neuromarketing

24 Nov 2016

Does any of this sound familiar?

1. If you have no professional ambition. You are an entrepreneur, a marketer or a scientist with no ambitions. Your goal is to provide mediocre service and produce an average product without working hard. 

2. If you always believe what people say. You consider that there is no need to verify your customers’ words. You blindly believe the opinions they self-report on a survey. 

3. If you hate technologies. You think that the latest technological advancement was the invention of the wheel and you don't bother to look further. You hate technologies so much actually that you still own a Nokia 3310. Nothing personal, it was a good cell phone...16 years ago. 

4. If you don’t understand the value of data cross-analysis. The last thing your care about is double-checked or triple-checked data. You don’t know why your fellow marketers are always so concerned about verification of data they use in their marketing strategies. You use whatever information you can find and never search further than the first page of Google search results. 

5. If you don’t want a cutting-edge competitive advantage. You think that your clients will never be bored with your product because it’s just perfect and should never be upgraded or modified. You don’t really care about what consumers think about your product because you believe that they don’t know what they want and you can decide this for them (I feel like somebody is already using this approach...who might that be?).

If you found at least one of the aforementioned statements relevant to you, then go on and ignore neuromarketing tools. Although, I’m sure you don't want for any of these five statements to be the scenario you live by. I do believe that you appreciate new technologies, that you are a top gun in what you do, aren’t you? Of course, you are.

The only tools that we should ignore are the ones that make us ignorant and indifferent. Leave them in your past. Already did? Then welcome to the world of neuromarketing.

Written by Juliet Bakhmut, Sr. Content Manager at CoolTool

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