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7 Proven Ways To Boost Your Brand Awareness

7 Proven Ways To Boost Your Brand Awareness

Getting even a small piece of consumers’ attention today requires continues efforts and considerable investments. Brands are constantly fighting to be on the frontline of customers’ interests and search engine results. It’s hard to get the attention but it’s even harder to retain it because customers’ focus and their needs are changing very fast. That’s why it’s crucial to have a consistent approach to building your brand awareness. Below, we compiled a list of tips which will help you boost your brand awareness and stay on your customers’ radars as long as you want. 

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Capitalize on associations 

First of all, you need to develop a set of features you want your brand to be associated with. Depending on what and to whom you sell, you should develop a set of simple associations which will fit the lifestyle of your target audience. This is very important since contemporary consumers don’t pay for the products or services they pay for the values and associations which brand transmits. These values and associations must underpin your communication strategy and be consistently promoted through all available communication channels. 

Adopt human behavior 

The well-perceived brands today are those with so-called “human face”. It means that their communication strategy incorporates traits of ordinary human behavior. Instead of being a machine-like beast of money earning companies present themselves as people close to their customers by creating and sharing engaging content. In such a way brands socialize with their like ordinary human beings. The easiest way to do it is to promote and share relevant content through social media. This conclusion is confirmed by the results of recent research which has shown that 50% of brand awareness is generated through socialization in social networks. 

Make your content sharable

No doubts that the quality of content defines the success of brand awareness increasing efforts. It means that companies striving to improve the perception of the brand have to create content with clear emotional appeal, which will resonate with their target audiences and will make them want to share it. The creation of such content isn’t an easy task though, as it requires thorough research of your target audiences’ preferences in terms of the type of content and preferred ways of its consumption. When developing such content try to tell a story of your brand in a non-intrusive way that will definitely help you better engage consumers.  

Offer free versions of your product

Recently it became very popular to offer customers free versions of products with limited functionality. Unlike trial versions of products, such offers aren’t limited in time. From a marketing perspective, it’s a great approach to make customers acquainted with your product and at the same time make them want to learn more about it. It’s one of the most practical ways of brand awareness boosting since customers get the possibility to directly interact with and test your product instead of simply watching a tutorial or reading a blog about it.

Participate in events

While raising awareness online you shouldn’t forget that physical brand presence offline is also important for its promotion. Massive public events, like sport games, are the best in this regard. Your company may participate in such events as a sponsor or co-organizer. Red Bull is probably the brand that uses this tool in the most efficient way among all modern top brands. The awareness about this brand was actually built with the help of sports events. Participation in offline activities is also important because it allows reinforcing associations that the brand provokes among consumers. 

Partner with other brands

Sometimes winning the competition requires partnering with your competitors. If you see that for some reason your brand awareness efforts aren’t delivering the expected results probably it’s high time to think about creating a common project or even develop a long-lasting partnership with another, more successful brand. Thanks to numerous social media and other online tools today it’s very easy to leverage the audience of one brand for the benefit of another.

Influencers and guest blogging

Recent research demonstrates that an increasing number of generation Z users, who will constitute the main purchasing power within 10-15 years, trust digital influencers more than content produced by companies. Thus, what you need to do is to identify bloggers who are the most popular among your target audience and invite them to partner with you. You can also identify the most popular blogging platforms and become a guest blogger there.

Brand awareness boosting methods vary a lot and what works for one company, maybe not as effective for others. Thus, the main recommendation would be to find your own mix of traditional and digital tools which will help you reach your target audience in its natural environment and effectively communicate values and emotions you want them to associate your brand with.   



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