7 Unconventional Series on Marketing and Sales That Won’t Leave You Disappointed

Probably you’ve already gone through our selection of top marketing and sales movies. We’ve decided to carry on with the subject of getting inspiration and education at the same time and came up with this selection of new and classic shows for those of you who are into detailed long hauls, rather than concise movies. No matter whether you are a salesperson, a marketing professional or a startup entrepreneur – you will find something interesting in this selection if “business” for you is something more than just a word in the vocabulary.

1. “Billions”

This is a three season show about big guys doing big business with high stakes involved. It tells the story of a successful hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod, who always manages to escape from finding himself in deep waters regardless of his barely legal activities. “Billions” teaches you how to approach risks and be able to balance on a tightrope while been pressed by different “players” involved in the “game”. Sounds like a very important skill for a salesperson, doesn't it? By the way, the show is still running and the fourth season is to be released in 2019.


2. “Detroiters”

This show was directed by Comedy Central, and this fact already says a lot about the vibe of it. “Detroiters” is about learning to turn any drastic failure (well, almost any) into an utter success. Full of raunchy jokes, this show isn’t only a way to get some insights about the modern day advertising industry, but an opportunity to have a good laugh as well.



3. “House of Lies”

“House of Lies” is a funny and engaging series about selfish and arrogant management consultants who can win any argument and overturn even the most questionable situations in their favor. Full of sarcasm and irony about the contemporary business world, this show delivers concentrated advice on how to make people believe in what you are saying, even if it’s quite close to nonsense. This is a definitely must-watch for everyone who has to engage in many negotiations in their work and wants to learn how to be more persuasive.



4. “Happyish”

This show tells the story of a middle-aged advertising executive going through a professional crisis and questioning all aspects of his existence. Full of brilliant sarcastic humor and advertising industry insights, this show is a guide on overcoming creative and any other stumbling blocks which all of us encounter at some points of our life. It also shows how the world of advertising is changing today and why things which worked for generation X already don’t resonate with the generation Y.



5. “Silicon Valley”

This is a show of choice for any start-uppers, especially those engaged in IT products development. In this classic IT startup story, a bunch of nerdy friends creates an innovative product which potentially can bring millions to them. Though, before getting to the top, they have to overcome a huge number of challenges, both internal and external ones. This is a very entertaining story of how a small company can make it big in the toxic environment of large IT corporations and rivaling entrepreneurs.



6. “White Gold”

“White Gold” is worth watching at least because of stunning British accents and humor of actors. Also, unlike some of the series presented above, this show doesn’t tell about big money, stocks and hi-tech. This show is about guys selling plastic windows. Yes, this is a series about ordinary people selling conventional staff but their unconventional methods of doing it are worth admiration. “White Gold” will definitely resonate with everyone engaged in old-school sales.



7. “Suits”

If you try to boost problem-solving skills, you will love this show. Lawyers from “Suits” can find a smart way out of any situation and they do in style. This show will be very interesting for any audience somehow connected with business, as it teaches you how to change peoples’ opinions and ways of thinking to benefit you and your clients’ interests. If you watch this show attentively, you’ll notice that it’s all about behavioral marketing in action.


We hope that in this versatile selection of shows you’ll find something close to your interests which will be not only entertaining but educative as well.


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