Case Study: How to Run an Eye Tracking Project in Under 30 Minutes

How come you can run an eye tracking test in under 30 minutes? Here is how I did it using my CoolTool account.

First, I created a project and uploaded a picture I wanted to test to my questionnaire. My goal was pretty simple - I wanted to see, which word out of these 8 would attract the most attention. I have defined my 8 Areas of Interest (Fame, Money, Success, Glory, Love, Power, Happiness, Authority), so I can get statistics on each one of them. 

case study picture_Areas of Interest
I launched an eye tracking data collector and sent a link to 10 people asking them to participate in my test. And here is what I got in my automated report.

"Power" turned out to be the most popular word out of eight. "Love" and "Authority" take the second and the third place respectively. 

The Gazeplot told me that people looked at "Glory" first and then switched to Fame and Money. 


casy study picture_gazeplot 

I spent

  • 10 minutes on preparing the test
  • 15 minutes on collecting responses - about 1 minute per respondent
  • 5 minutes on installing a NeuroLab App that is necessary for collecting responses 
  • $0 since at CoolTool I can run a project that has under 10 respondents, for free

Can you bit my 30 minutes record? :) 

Of course, I did not enable rotation/randomization for these words, which can compromise results. However, It can be easily fixed if I enable Randomization in my questionnaire and then run a test again. Now, when I think about it...I probably will do that, for the next holiday :) 

The Step-by-step Guide How to Make the Similar Project

1. Create free account

2. Create your first project

3. Press Questionnaire button in a top menu

4. Choose the type of your future questions

5. Choose what you're going to test in Neurolab tests section below the types of questions

6. Upload the image to test

7. Come back to a top menu and apply the particular design of your questionnaire

8. Collect responses with eye tracker if you have it or just measure the emotions with the webcam of your laptop without any additional hardware

9. Look how results on every respondent looks like in Process data

10. Get an automatically created report and that's it - you've done your research

Do you have an interesting idea for testing? Your free account is waiting for you here.  

Written by Juliet Bakhmut, Sr. Content Manager at CoolTool

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