Consumer Behavior: What Do Your Customers Want To Know?

11 May 2018

Your customers don’t know for sure what they want until they see some product or service which somehow appeals to their needs and preferences. So it's no small issue to guess what they want, right? 

Decoding customers’ behavior gets you valuable insights about how the consumption trends and customers’ attitude towards your product or service evolves. But as a rule, it’s a complicated task because everyone has different, personal purchasing patterns. However, there are some simple criteria that your customers subconsciously try to define in your offer. They are searching for the answers.

What do your customers want to know?

1. Are you trustworthy? 

Gaining credibility is a tough but very important task for every company. It’s achieved through continuous improvement of your product and quality of service. In a nutshell, the level of your credibility depends on how good you are at delivering value for money to your customers and how comfortable they feel during the course of this process.  

2. Are you caring? 

Very often customers resemble small kids who don’t talk – they want something but can explain it only with emotions, not words. Thus, you should be caring, which means knowing how to properly identify (or even better predict) their emotions and be ready to respond to them in the best way possible. If customers feel that you care about their needs and preferences, they will be more loyal to your brand and product. 

Loyal customers give you one more benefit: they will be ready to share more information with you which you can further build on to respond to their needs even better.

3. Are you helpful? 

The product should be a solution to a particular issue the customer is facing. People want to see things which really work. So when marketing your product always remember to demonstrate its practical value and help customers with any advice or support which they may require. 

4. Are you ready to offer something new? 

Always keep trying. Proposing something new to your customers and trying to better adjust existing products to their needs is always connected with risk. But only offering something new the brand can live longer. In order not to fail in marketing and attracting a new audience, you should always conduct various research, apply new marketing and research tools, obtain qualitative insights about customers’ emotions and real intentions related to the product, etc.  

5. Are you flexible? 

There is no definite answer to the question of what customers want, as they always want something different. The satisfaction of customers’ needs is an ongoing process, as their desires constantly change and evolve. Be flexible in what you sell and how you sell it.

Every brand tries to find the unique (and potentially stronger) way to build a relationship with customers. It can be difficult but it really works. Overall,  it is necessary for every company to be flexible, always trying to offer something new, and continue learning your customers' behavioral patterns and you always will know what they expect from you. If you want a great, insightful way of learning your customers' behavior patterns, and to see what they really think of your new product, check out how CoolTool can help you.

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