How to improve your survey

04 Jan 2018

You’ve read and heard tons of advice on how to improve your surveys. “Make short surveys”, “Ask more diverse questions”, “Don’t ask direct questions” – all these solutions are well-known but have a very limited ability to improve the research results. The improvement of surveys with the help of neuromarketing is completely the opposite.

Neuromarketing instruments offer near unlimited opportunities for data collection, analysis, and cross-checking. Regardless of the object of your test, neuromarketing tools will improve the quality of obtained data and provide you with a holistic picture of customers’ attitudes towards the tested product/content.

1. Website testing

Today, for the majority of customers, a company’s website is the major platform for interaction with the business and its products. Thus, companies try to make their website not only attractive and appealing to customers, but user-friendly as well, in order to channel clients’ attention towards relevant information and, as a result, to the purchase decision.

NeuroLab tools allow you to easily improve a standard survey about the website. All you need to know about this option:

  • Choose the web page you want to test and define the task for the respondent (for example – to find a particular object on the page, subscribe to newsletter, etc.)
  • While the respondent is performing the task, NeuroLab starts tracking all actions performed by the respondent (eye-movement, mouse clicks and movements, concentration of attention, emotions, etc.) 
  • After the test is finished you will get detailed statistical reports with high-quality visualized data 

With the help of this tool, you can test web pages, landing pages, live websites, SAAS and other online software.

2. Video or printed commercials/promotional material testing

Companies also invest a lot of time and money into the development of promotional materials including different types of commercials. In order to maximize the effect of these investments, you have to understand what customers like and dislike about your promotional materials, what appeals and what pushes them away. Neuromarketing tools available within Neurolab will provide you with all the required information about the real attitude of customers to your promotional materials. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Upload the video (should not exceed 5 min) or an image to your Neurolab account. You can also test online videos and advertising. 
  • Ask respondents of the survey to watch the video/look at the image. While they will be doing it NeuroLab will capture their eye-movement, the changes in their emotions, as well as changes in their attention’s focus.
  • Get results of the test in the form of heat maps, attention and emotions range graphs. 

By analyzing the obtained information you will see the real, «unconscious» attitude of respondents to the tested content. Such precise information cannot be obtained with the help of traditional surveys.

3. Product shelf placement testing

It’s widely known that proper shelf placement of products can make them more appealing to customers and result in an increase of sales. NeuroLab functionality allows you to conduct product shelf placement tests right in front of the screen, without making respondents go to the real shop and doing tests there. It not only saves respondents’ time but facilitates the work of market researchers as well. With the help of product shelf placement function, you can test the following items: branding/logos of products, FMCG goods, tobacco and alcohol products, soft drinks, beauty and hygienic products, etc. The launch of the product shelf placement foresees:

  • Choosing of the shelf template and placing (uploading) images of products you want to test on the “digital shelf”. 
  • NeuroLab will automatically randomize products on the shelf for each respondent and track the changes of their attention (basically how their sight migrates from one item on the shelf to another).
  • The results of the tests will appear in the form of informative and easy to read statistical reports (graphs and heat maps). 

Should you want to save time and money and conduct an effective product shelf placement test, NeuroLab is the right solution for you.

4. Product packaging testing

The contemporary design of products’ packaging is aimed at making customers buy products just by looking at the image, without getting into details about their content. Products’ packaging design is undoubtedly a true science. Thus, companies invest a lot of effort, finance and human resources in order to make their packaging stand out and better attract customers’ attention. In case you are making a survey aimed at testing the attitude of respondents to the packaging of your products, NeuroLab might be of great use for you:

  • Upload the image of the packaging to the questionnaire created in your NeuroLab account. 
  • After the test is launched, NeuroLab will start tracking respondent’s eye movement, brain activity and changes of emotions. 
  • Once the analysis is completed you will receive a visual report with data about customers’ reactions to the packaging. 

Neuromarketing tools can transform your simple survey into full-fledged biometric research. They significantly improve the quality of data obtained during the course of the tests, as well as allowing you to receive in-depth customer insights enabling the further enhancement of a company’s products as well as promotional content.

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