How to Test Package Design with Neuro-tools

03 Jul 2018

How would you know if your package design is a success or a failure? Of course, you could give thousands of dollars to a fancy design bureau, wait a couple of months and completely rely on their expertise. However, today that's not the only way to go. Thanks to contemporary online automated neuromarketing platforms like CoolTool you can do it fast and on a very reasonable budget. Let’s see how you can apply various neuromarketing tools in order to improve your packaging design and make it better at attracting customers. 

1. Packaging layers

Packaging is a multidimensional thing, which as a rule consists of three parts – outer, inner layers and product packaging itself. Thus, when choosing colors for every layer, be sure that they form harmonized perception of the product by the consumer. In order to better understand the perception of your packaging by your customers, test it with the help of emotion measurement in order to see how your customers react to the change of packaging layers and their colors. 

2. Packaging design

The design of the package itself can have a major influence on the choice of the color range. Square packages with sharp angles rendered in darker colors will be perceived as something powerful and exclusive, while round shapes painted in pale shades will create an opposite impression and make you think about something fragile and tender. You can also play with different package/colors variations using the product shelf testing in order to see whether your product differs from competitors’ and attracts enough attention.

3. Text related stuff

The color of text and its compatibility with the packaging colors is also an important thing to consider. Testing of the packaging text perception by the customers is always easier with eye tracking, which allows you to follow the eye movements of respondents, as well as highlight areas of particular interest for them. Besides colors, you should also consider text fonts and logo design as well as how their colors and shapes correlate with those of packaging.

4. Feedback

If you did all you could while choosing the color and design of your packaging, and conducted several studies but are still hesitant about whether it will “hit the target”, than just ask your customers directly if they like it or not. Sometimes, good old surveys can provide you with pretty useful and unexpected insights. 

The choice of design patterns heavily depends on a number of factors. Though, the good thing is that you can measure all of them using our simple and effective neuromarketing tools. Test your product packaging using eye-tracking, emotions measurement or other tools to improve the effectiveness of your design and color research. By the way, the good news is that we’ve recently opened the access to online panels which enable you to find a target audience, launch a research project and receive results within a couple of hours and just with several mouse clicks. 


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