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Maximize Your Video Ad Efforts with In-Depth Storyboard Analysis by CoolTool

Maximize Your Video Ad Efforts with In-Depth Storyboard Analysis by CoolTool

San-Francisco, US – March, 2023CoolTool has released the cost-efficient automated video advertising testing methodology using integrated multiple nonconscious measurement tools simultaneously and providing the results in easy-to-use dashboard exported in xls. format.   

CoolTool is dedicated to creating cutting-edge technologies for rapid, precise, and efficient research projects utilizing nonconscious measurements. Their most recent innovation is a unique automated approach for testing video ads. This methodology includes pre-set tools for measuring nonconscious reactions, such as eye tracking, emotion measurement, implicit testing, and moment-to-moment feedback integrated into the survey engine. 

Powerful Benefits 

This solution allows for a cost-effective and efficient way to conduct comprehensive neuromarketing research:

- The methodology utilizes a variety of neuro tools, all at a price comparable to that of online surveys. 
- The insights generated are delivered in a few days
- The results are presented on a dashboard in an interactive Excel spreadsheet, making it easy to work with the data, perform analysis, and quickly export editable results to a PowerPoint presentation for clients with just one click.
- Simply upload your video ad content and receive results in the form of a vivid dashboard within hours or days, depending on the complexity of your target audience.

Evaluate Ad’s Storyline With Neuromarketing Tools

The main goal of this methodology is to evaluate the storyline of a future ad campaign to ensure it is engaging, effective, and has a resonating message:

- Assessing overall acceptance and avoiding negative perceptions or impact on the brand.
- Evaluating key parameters such as emotional engagement, audience attention, brand perception, and specific attribute building.
- Assessing message performance, including clarity and resonance.
- Optimizing the storyline.

Get Editable Dashboard With The Statistics and Visualizations 

Attention (Screen focus). This technology provides a timeline analysis of how well a storyline holds the viewer's attention from start to finish. The deliverables include insights on potential issues such as lack of engagement, irrelevant or inconsistent content, negative perception of the brand, and other factors that may cause viewers to lose interest.


Facial coding (emotion recognition). This allows for the analysis of viewers' emotional engagement through a heatmap or opacity map video and statistics. The deliverables include an understanding of how viewers emotionally respond to the video content.

The Implicit Priming Test (Paired testing). This  technique uses major categories of Negative and Positive attributes and pairs of opposite sub-attributes (images of emoji) that correspond to these categories. This method allows for an understanding of which emotional segment the brand belongs to by measuring the difference in response time. The output of this technique is reported as emotional mapping appeal based on two dimensions: the valence of emotion (positive or negative) and the level of emotional arousal (low or high).

Moment-to-moment feedback. The Media slider is a tool that captures moment-by-moment feedback. When using the Media slider, the respondent constantly interacts with it, evaluating each moment by opposite attitudes (e.g., positive-negative) or returning it to its original neutral position.

Click test. Heatmap shows the aggregate result of the most/less clickable elements (the deeper/sharper the color spot, the more clicks the individual element got). AOI analysis represents the performance by specific elements (scene/piece of it/group scenes.).

Eye Tracking. By analyzing advertising in a competitive environment, you will gain insight into:
- Whether the ad stands out among others
- The speed at which the ad catches people's attention
- The level of interest in the ad (how long people look at it)

By analyzing advertising on an individual level, you will gain insight into:

-Visual attention to branding, messaging, and other elements
- Ad preferences (click measurement)
- Brand recall (as determined by survey questions following individual exposure)

Revolutionize Your Video Ad Campaigns with CoolTool's Automated Methodology

Transform your video advertising strategy with CoolTool's automated testing methodology - a comprehensive solution that evaluates visual attention, emotional engagement, implicit impact, and explicit evaluation in an easy-to-understand format:

- Analyze data for different audiences and cross-compare results with benchmarks and norms, all through an automated dashboard. 
- Enjoy rapid results, with a dashboard available just two days after testing, and fast fieldwork and data analysis. 
- Run neuromarketing projects with comparable cost to traditional surveys. 
- Save and use your own corporate standards and benchmarks for analysis and improvement, as well as use your own segmentation or variables for analysis.

Unlock the power of your video ads with automated storyboard pre-testing! Check out our latest case done on base of this automated video ad methodology - CASE STUDY: How Pepsi's Bold Marketing Tactics Turn Disgust into Delight 

About CoolTool
CoolTool is a powerful SaaS platform for testing and optimizing digital media content. It allows brands/agencies to test concepts and assets for improved marketing investments. Once you capture data from CoolTool, you can make smarter marketing decisions by measuring what people think, see, and feel towards marketing content through our webcam eye tracking technology, emotion measurement technology and implicit tests.

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