Neuromarketing Is Not a Religion – There Are No Believers and Nonbelievers

08 Sep 2016

Do you believe in a neuromarketing? How do you answer this question?

You can believe or not in whatever gods or superior forces. It's the only thing you can do if there is no evidence. When it comes to neuromarketing, there are people who believe in it and actively use it, gaining profit for their business, and those who don’t believe in it, labeling it as “too difficult and ineffective”. But neuromarketing is not a religion. There is a number of tools which can prove that it actually works.

Neuromarketing is quite interesting and engaging but sometimes it may be difficult to adopt new technology and derive maximum benefits from it. Let’ see how you can ease into it.

1. Be a doer, not just a believer

It is always good to believe in something. But it’s even better to be able to test something in order to see how it works and how you can benefit from it. This is what neuromarketing technologies are about.

It’s not enough just to buy eye tracking device or EEG headset and let it sit on your table. You have to play with it, test it and adjust it to your needs in order to get ultimate results and valuable data.

Neuromarketing technologies have nothing in common with new sneakers from Nike. You can’t just say whether it suits you or not, whether you like them or hate them. In order to become friends with neuromarketing tech you have to actively use it.

Test the eye tracking device yourself, invite your friends to play with EEG headset to understand how it works, which kind of data it provides and how this data can be used.

2. Don’t know how? Consult science guys

Don’t be afraid to tell yourself that you don’t know, understand or can’t do something. Albert Einstein was a genius in physics but was really bad at cleaning up. Just look at his desk.

You are not obliged to know how everything works, especially if there are professionals ready to help you figure out how to use neuromarketing tools to the best extent possible in your marketing strategy or for any other purposes. Neuromarketing may be fun but it’s not a game after all. It’s a serious, new and very fast-growing realm, which should be constantly explored and treated seriously in case you want to benefit from it.

Try to approach neuromarketing as a scientific research and when you don’t know something always consult professionals i.e. those science guys who can explain you how to deal with complicated things.

3. Analyze results. They are the key benefit of technology

Purpose of every research is to receive new accurate data. The better the research is conducted the more useful data you get. If used properly, neuromarketing tools and devices will provide you with valuable information about your customer’s behavior which will contribute to the strengthening of your marketing strategy and as an outcome will give you a possibility to attract more customers and boost sales.

Neuromarketing tools which are mostly dealing with a non-verbal domain (emotions, eye movement, brain activity, etc.) give you access to those sources of information about customers and their behavior which can’t be reached using any other marketing instruments and methods.

Put some time and efforts into exploring and practicing neuromarketing and you will see, that outstanding results might be achieved even with a small budget. Critics of neuromarketing lose their ground when it comes to action. Because once you stop talking about neuromarketing and actually start using it, you understand how it works and how it can be applied in your business model. It will not just improve your marketing strategy but will help you to better understand and meet your customer’s needs.

So don’t take anyone’s word for it - be skeptical, go for neuromarketing and explore it.

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