Online Panel 3.0: Eye Tracking Survey Panel

02 Dec 2015

Welcome to the digital era of market research! Biometric research, approach long used in science, has finally reached market research industry. Don’t take it the wrong way, there have been talks of how revolutionary are eye tracking, emotion measurement and such. However, you can’t say the technology is adopted, unless it is made available to every player in the industry. Today, when every small and medium-size researcher can put together an eye tracking survey panel, we can safely say biometric research is becoming a mainstream.

What is Online Panel 3.0? It is a fast way to test ADs, website usability, packaging, design, shelves, and video. The way it works is that every respondent on the panel has an eye-tracking technology, which is initiated once a customer is taking a survey. This allows you test various visual materials across different location simultaneously.

What kinds of Eye Tracking Survey Panels are out there? There are two distinct options for affordable eye tracking panels. First is based on a webcam technology. It is an easy way to reach your consumer, seeing as almost everyone has a webcam preinstalled on the computer. It is also reasonably priced, which makes it an affordable solution for a small and mid-sized business. The downside is a low-quality results. Webcam eye tracking delivers gaze data that is somewhat rough on the edges. Otherwise, promising technology can’t differentiate between several objects placed closely to each other (shelf testing) or any small elements of branding (areas of interest). It seriously limits possibilities of testing brand noticeability and branding efficiency. Therefore, if you cannot compromise on a quality, the second option of eye tracking panel will suit you better.

Eye tracking panel based on eye tracking devices is your second option to set up and online panel 3.0. This option assumes every respondent getting an eye tracking device to put at the bottom of their laptop, desktop or a tablet. Few years back it would be unthinkable since the price of one such device was around ten thousand dollars. It is 30 times cheaper now. The hardware is also easy to set up and to transfer, which takes out all the hassle associated with hardware installation and logistics. Another advantage of hardware-based eye tracking panel is the high accuracy of results. This technology allows you to test the smallest branding elements, making data interpretation so much simpler and easier.

How can CoolTool help you to set up an Eye Tracking Survey Panel? Innovation is important for us and we are eager to invest to encourage it. CoolTool is providing a set of tools that will help you to set up your very own eye tracking panel fast and within your marketing budget.

• You can get as many devices as you need for your panel, at a low price of $299/device. Now you can afford an extended coverage. Bonus: we understand that shipment can be a headache for a panelist, let us do it for you. We arrange for a worldwide delivery of each device to a separate location. Just indicate the address you need us to send them to and will do the rest.

• Free Eye Tracking App. To avoid confusion associated with the installation of new hardware our team has created a simple app, which every hardware owner can download from In few clicks, every respondent can install and initiate device. Bonus: in case of any difficulties, we offer a free support to get you started.

• Intuitive software compliments the hardware. It is important to us that you have the best experience with CoolTool. That is why our team made sure that your eye tracking projects are easy to launch and to run. Cloud-based technology allows you to insert eye tracking question into your survey, start data collector and share the survey to your panel. Results will be collected immediately, available to you in a real-time reporting in form of heat maps, gaze plots, opacity maps, video bee streams and statistics on all areas of interest. Bonus: we have integrated eye tracking into a survey, so you could cross-reference data from eye tracking and data from a survey, getting even better insights.

Biometric research becomes more popular every day. Tobii, for example, was the first one to launch a large-scale eye tracking respondent panel in Sweden. Now with eye tracking becoming more affordable new possibilities open for small and medium-sized businesses too. Biometric research allows getting customer insights that was previously unavailable. Thanks to cloud-based technologies setting up an eye-tracking panel became a fast, accurate and low-cost solution, making it available to various online panelists, as well as end clients. 

Our team is always eager to help the early adopter of a technology, feel free to contact us and together we can find the best way for you to set up an online panel 3.0.

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