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Craig Stevens is CoolTool's New CEO

Craig Stevens is CoolTool's New CEO

We are pleased to announce that Craig Stevens has joined our team as our new CEO. Dmitry Gaiduk, Co-Founder and previous CEO of CoolTool, will fill the role of Chief Product Officer. This will allow us to accelerate the rollout of platform enhancements and new solutions to provide our clients even more innovation and value.  

Prior to joining CoolTool, Craig was Co-Founder and CEO of UBMobile. He led that company’s development and ultimate acquisition by Critical Mix, a Reimagine Holdings company. Before establishing UBMobile, Craig was Managing Director, Americas with Research Now (now Dynata) where he spent 10 years in leadership roles. His tenure at Research Now also included his role as Head of Global Sales & Marketing, during which Research Now established itself as one of the fastest-growing companies in the insights-driven data services industry. Craig is actively involved in many advisory roles and has served on the board of directors of insights industry associations.  

Traditionally, brands have relied mostly on survey methods for testing marketing concepts and assets.  This includes testing advertising, new product concepts, packages, shelf testing, and UX research for websites, apps, and other environments.  Survey data, also known as stated or declared feedback (System 2), is useful, but oftentimes provides an incomplete view. 

CoolTool’s platform seamlessly and natively incorporates both survey and behavioral (System 1) tools and methods. Combining survey feedback with nonconscious measurement tools, such as eye-tracking, emotion measurement, and implicit responses provides a more complete and accurate view of consumer impact.

Today, the overwhelming majority of brand marketing budgets are allocated to digital channels”, comments Craig. “Even products that are sold in physical locations are mostly tested online.  Given the speed of the competitive landscape, it’s important that brands have the tools they need to learn, iterate, and launch quickly, as well as leverage both conscious (survey / system 2) and nonconscious (behavioral / system 1) feedback to get a complete view of their consumers.  CoolTool is the leader in this space and I look forward to the journey ahead with an incredibly talented team.

“We are thrilled to have Craig join CoolTool as the company’s new CEO, allowing me to focus on providing clients with the most valuable and innovative insights solutions.” Dmitry Gaiduk added.  “His experience leading companies through high-growth cycles, combined with his knowledge of the needs of marketers and researchers, will enable CoolTool to stay client-centered in every aspect of our business.  Delivering unparalleled value to our clients is our primary goal.

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CoolTool is a marketing testing SaaS platform that seamlessly incorporates nonconscious measurement tools and traditional survey-based research to know what people think, see, and feel. This enables brand marketers to test and optimize their marketing concepts and assets to improve their return on marketing investments.



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