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The Direct Access to Respondents Just Became a Part of the Automated Neuro-Research Process

The Direct Access to Respondents Just Became a Part of the Automated Neuro-Research Process

Measuring nonconscious consumers’ reactions to get comprehensive insights has become faster and easier than ever. CoolTool has launched the real-time direct access to respondents (called ‘online panels’ in the research world). From now you are able to get both conscious and nonconscious consumer measurements anywhere and anytime.

What is direct access to respondents?

Potential and existing customers ready to provide their responses to neuro-tests you conduct (ad testing, website testing, etc.) or questions you ask (survey, polls, etc.) are always just several clicks away.

You can connect with consumers anywhere in the world. Regardless what you test – package design, video materials, advertisements, product concept, customer satisfaction and engagement, etc. – you’ll get quick and reliable answers and insights on the same day.

✓ Easy set-up process
Innovative approach to data quality
✓ Reasonable price

How to connect respondents online at CoolTool

If you are going to conduct eye-tracking or emotion measurement studies, you can just specify that a webcam is required for each respondent. Easily choose country, location, region, age, gender and set any additional targeting criteria.

✓ Set your target audience
✓ Specify additional criteria
✓ Get your results in 24 hours

Unique quality control

No “speeders” and “straight-liners” anymore. Sit back and relax, you will get only high-quality responses. Providing you with exceptionally reliable insights is always our priority. We use unique smart algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence to identify and exclude poor or bad-quality answers. Our quality control system evaluates the completion of the questionnaire by each respondent in the context of three criteria: Completion speed, Matrix patterns, and Open answers. You won't pay for unreliable answers.

How much it costs

The price depends on the number of the respondents you note when setting up the project and how specific your target group is. For example, if you need just respondents from 18 to 60 years old, the price will be lower than if you “order” people from 23 to 30 that have children and prefer active hobbies - therefore a harder to reach audience. 100 completes from an easy to reach audience will cost the minimal price you can pay. The more advanced the research project and the specific the target audience, the more expensive your project estimate will be. You can start immediately after setting up the criteria or save the pattern for later usage. Before the project starts, you can change the conditions to optimize your project settings if needed.

✓ Pay as you go
Pay less for easy to reach audiences
✓ Recalculate the project cost estimate if conditions change

We respect you, the people that participate in studies and our partners. That's why we only work with trustworthy market research panel companies such as Cint

Increase the efficiency of your work by doing research online with direct access to the respondents all over the world.



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