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UXReality by CoolTool Is the Newest Winner of Insight Innovation Competition 2019

UXReality by CoolTool Is the Newest Winner of Insight Innovation Competition 2019

The MR industry has voted for the best idea at IIeX Competition. And the winner is… UXReality app!

It’s an inspirational time of victories for our team! Exactly one month ago we published cheery news that the UXReality has taken the 1st place at The MarTech Award 2019. And yesterday we did it again!

On April 25th 2019, Lana Babii, Head of BD of CoolTool, took to the stage with a five-minute pitch at Insight Innovation startup competition 2019 in Austin. By impressing a panel of judges which included individuals from Kantar, Dynata, Lowe's Companies, and SnackNation, Lana has got the victory with UXReality.

UXReality is an outstanding solution that represents the newest tendency in mobile UX world. Our team aspires to utilize the power of AI, webcam eye tracking and facial coding in market research in order to modernize the industry approaches, accelerate all the research process and create a brand new opportunities for both clients and researchers. The app replaces bulky and expensive usability lab by turning any smartphone into a fully-featured tool for studying user behavior as close to reality as possible.

Dmitry Gaiduk, CEO at CoolTool said:
"Limitations - this is what unites all existed tools for mobile user testing. Usability labs are awfully uncomfortable for using with their artificial environment of the data collection and such data is extremely hard to analyze. Different online tools, like Google analytics usually good to show consumer’s digital footprints but can’t explain WHY’s of user behavior, can’t measure either user attention or emotions. It's high time to transmit from words to actions. We put lots of effort into creating the unique and universal solution, and today I'm proud that our UXReality was found worthy of victory at IIex 2019"

Organized by GreenBook, and made possible by Dynata, the Insight Innovation Competition helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas for upgrading Insight Industry to life. The list of past winners includes such companies as ZappiStore, Dalia Research, Measure.

Leonard Murphy, Executive Editor & Producer, GreenBook, tweeted:
"Awesome and well-deserved win in a hard-fought competition"

We are extremely proud to say that as a winner of this IIeX competition UXReality is now officially part of the market research industry innovation upgrading process.

For more information on our UXReality solution, go  here.




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