Measure consumer’s emotions with your own webcam

Introduction to Emotion Measurement

What is Emotion Measurement?

Emotion Measurement is a tool, which through facial coding will help you to know your customer better and to understand not only what they think, but what they feel as well.

You have a product or a service, and of course, you want to know the attitude of consumers towards it. While you can definitely appeal to their logical thinking by elaborating on its advantages, you also need to know which emotions they feel when they use it. Very often emotional, subconscious attachment to the product or service plays a crucial role in decision-making process.

Basically, there are 2 major methods of emotions measurement: EEG (electroencephalography)-based method and facial coding. Facial coding is more simple.
Facial coding allows you to detect emotions of consumers just by taking photos of their faces, 6 photos per second. To take advantage of facial coding you just need a simple webcam, which will constantly take photos of respondent’s face. With the help of facial coding you can detect 7 basic emotions: delight, surprise, skepticism, sadness, fear, disgust and negative (denial).

Why use Emotion Measurement?

Emotion Measurement is very helpful when you are trying to improve your marketing materials, website or product. etc. This solution gives you an in- depth understanding of how they are perceived by your customers.

How does Emotion Measurement work?

Imagine a shutter of the photo camera, which is moving incredibly fast, making hundreds of images of people’s faces per minute. This bunch of images is processed by a smart program, which tells you what kind of emotions people on these images felt at any particular moment. That’s basically how emotions measurement works.

Let’s assume you have 100 different people whose emotions you captured while they were looking at your product, or were navigating through your website. After analyzing images of those people, the program organizes them into several groups according to expressed emotions. Our report system tells you, for example, that out of those 100 people 40% felt neutral while looking at your product, 30% were skeptical, 20% were delighted and 10% were surprised.

In such way, Emotion Measurement puts very useful data in your hands and helps you to better understand your customer, target and address gaps in order to improve your product, service, website, marketing materials, etc. It enables you to gradually enhance your product and test it until you get desirable emotional feedback from as many people as you want.

Benefits of using CoolTool Emotion Measurement

One of the key advantages of CoolTool Emotions Measurement is that it is a part of NeuroLab solution. This allows to combine Emotions Measurement with other neuromarketing technologies in order to better understand emotions of people interacting with your product, marketing materials, website, etc.

Emotion Measurement Solutions

Emotion Measurement for Video Materials

You can apply emotion measurement to assess the level of engagement of customers with your product, marketing materials, website design, etc.

For example, you made a new promo video of your product. The main goal of this video is to make customers get excited about new features of the product. In order to encourage the excitement, you spent a lot of time and resources, so now you want to know whether this video will produce the desirable effect on your customers. The best way to do it is to use emotions measurement.

Capturing emotions of test participants with speed 6 frames per second you will get a detailed and in-depth understanding of how this or that part of the video and/or audio influences their emotional state. The data you receive will provide you with a clear idea on whether you achieved desirable emotional connection of customers with the product or not. This will allow you to see which parts of the video/audio material should be changed in order to better engage your target audience.

Emotion Measurement for Advertisement

Use emotion measurement to explore the emotional engagement of the target audience with you printed or online materials.

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