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Online Eye Tracking

Know what visually engages people
when exposed to brand marketing
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See marketing through the consumers’ eyes

Eye Tracking technology allows you to know what gets noticed and what is engaging about visual brand marketing. Track eye gaze for attention, frequency, engagement, and call-to-action conversions. Test static and animated images, videos, and environments such as prototypes, websites, and mobile apps.

How Eye Tracking works

Our proprietary AI allows us to create the most accurate online eye-tracking that leverages built-in cameras on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. CoolTool eye-tracking technology is integrated with our survey engine. You can cross-analyze consumers' survey answers with their visual reactions.

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Ideal Use Cases for Eye Tracking
Ad performance
Product performance
User experience research
Works online with all devices
Integrated with online surveys
Highly accurate
Automated reporting
Variety of visualizations
Integrated panels / own participants
Holistic insights with automated visualizations

Eye tracking shows what engages people visually. This uncovers nonconscious reactions to marketing stimuli that oftentimes is not articulated in survey data alone.

Gaze tracking reveals what is noticed, what is engaging, and what is not. This allows brand marketers to optimize marketing concepts and assets for both conscious and nonconscious impact.

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