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Order a small, light and easy to install eye tracking device from CoolTool only for $499.

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Create your questionnaire at and insert your eye tracking question with one simple click.

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Launch eye tracking project and collect your responses. Now unlimited responses and plenty of additional features available starting $499 per month!

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Collect your responses and watch your results arrive in a real-time. Now available even with our free subscription plan!

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Done! Now you can study heatmaps, gaze plots, area of interest, opacity maps and cross analyze stats from eye tracking with survey data.

What can I test with CoolTool Eye Tracking?
  • Printed materials
  • Online advertising
  • Outdoor advertisement
  • In-store materials
  • Packaging
  • Product shelf placement
  • Website design

Eye Tracker at CoolTool – see your products through consumer’s eyes!

What is an eye tracking device? It is a unique solution for consumer behavior data collection at an affordable price. The technology allows to:

  • Identify respondent’s eye movement trajectory on the predefined picture;
  • Detect fixation points on the screen;
  • Estimate the exact time of respondent’s interest in specific areas of the image.

Eye tracker at CoolTool implies a small device, which can be easily used for a fieldwork. Operating principles are quite simple:

  • Place the device under the laptop or desktop screen or on to the device mount. Eye tracker is supplied with a tripod holder but can be used without it.
  • Plug it in 3.0 USB port.
  • Initiate calibration of the eye tracking device in one click. Calibration is done automatically.

This concludes all the actions needed to start working with eye tracker at CoolTool. Now your device is ready to collect data.

You can track consumer behavior smoothly from this point on. Keep in mind tough that providing a real-life setting is vital for ensuring an effective research.

Comprehensive eye tracking solution for full-cycle research

In order to use eye tracker, you do not have to install additional software or download additional drivers from the Internet. All that you need is to visit our website. Eye tracking software is available online whenever you need it.

We have designed a unique set of tools, which are well appreciated by professional researches. Our initial goal is to simplify your work. That is why CoolTool eye tracking software has been developed according to all possible demands and standards.

  • Easy-to-use. Intuitive interface does not require special skills or training.
  • A vast variety of analytical tools. You can indicate your own areas of interest on the materials you are testing.
  • Survey-integrated. Include questions requiring eye tracking device in your questionnaire in a simple and convenient way.
  • Real-time results. Data instantly appears in your project at
  • Automatic reporting. The system automatically generates visualized reports.

Therefore, CoolTool eye tracking system is you comprehensive solution for consumer behavior analysis through various visualizations, as well as statistical data.


Eye tracking device and eye tracking software are great for any type of market research: starting with product placement on a shelf, ending with website advertising efficiency. For example, you have already found out that mobile device users are more susceptible to leaderboard top banners than desktop users.

Now eye tracking software will help you choose the ultimate design for your banner.

  • Which colors work better?
  • Where should key information be placed?
  • How does the context interact with the consumer perception?

CoolTool eye tracking system helps you to find answers for these and many other questions.

Why CoolTool?
  • We offer you a unique solution – eye tracking integrated into survey engine. It gets your better insights, when cross analyzing data from eye tracking and survey data.
  • We present you with the most affordable eye tracking out there, with no compromise on a quality. Now you can afford to use unlimited number of devices in multiple locations.
  • We provide you a chance to use the power of eye tracking technology even for small projects at small research organizations, with small teams.
  • We bring you cloud-based eye tracking - an opportunity to collect results from multiple devices at multiple locations and enjoy your automated reports in a real-time.

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