12 Guaranteed Answers Eye Tracking Gives For Your Research

Eye Tracking tool can provide you with 12 guaranteed types of data. 

Of course, the outcome of using neuromarketing tools in general and eye tracking, in particular, will differ depending on the goals of the test, peculiarities of tested materials, business specialization etc. Nevertheless, regardless of the conditions, you can always count on guaranteed answers which you can't get using only a traditional method of research (surveys).

So, which questions can you get answered using eye tracking in your research?

1.     Which particular elements of the tested materials caught respondents’ main attention?

2.     Which elements were the most neglected and failed to attract respondents’ attention?

3.     Which details (parts of the video) you can easily remove because of their uselessness?

4.     Whether a particular color of the design pattern distracts the attention off words or elements you consider as important? 

5.     Is your testing material overloaded with too many elements attracting attention?

6.     Does this overload prevent customers’ from concentrating on the most important elements?

7.     How many respondents looked at the logo or other important parts of the tested material?

8.     For how long (in seconds) respondents focused on a particular area of interest?

9.     How many unique respondents looked at the particular area of interest? 

10.  How long (in seconds) did it take a respondent to look at the area of interest for the first time?

11.  Where and for how long a respondent looked outside the area of interest before focusing on it for the first time?

12.  How many times the respondent looked and returned to the selected area of interest? 

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