How to Use Data from NeuroLab Reports. Part 2: Landing Page Testing

20 Apr 2017

Does your “selling page” sell?

Thanks to analytics you already know how many users clicked on and completed a purchase at your landing page. But what is the next step? How do you improve the conversion rate? How do you help visitors to complete a purchase? Do they find its content relevant? How do you make your landing page more effective?

Compare the mouse tracking results with the eye tracking ones to see how people browse your landing page. Reveal the blind spots of your landing page. It’s not enough to put the product description and a big red button “Buy” to encourage people to click. Maybe your content isn’t readable, maybe you haven’t provided some important information and people spend a lot of time looking and not finding it. Having compared the results of eye tracking, mouse tracking and emotional measurement from the report you will know what should be improved.

How to use the collected data:

- Optimize the design. When people scroll through the important parts of your landing page and don’t notice buttons among the pictures - take it as a sign to redesign the page, even if you like it.

- Improve content. If people spend too much time on reading the texts or if they have to read it several times it means you should cut the description or deliver the information in another way.

- Find the best place for CTA-button. When mouse tracking shows that it takes users a long time before they click, but eye tracking says that users notice your CTA right away - kudos on great placement of your CTA, but think about renaming your button, make it more relevant. 

Test your landing pages with NeuroLab tools to increase conversions at your website.

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