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One App Instead Of Lab: UXReality for Mobile User Testing Is Already on Google Play

One App Instead Of Lab: UXReality for Mobile User Testing Is Already on Google Play

UXReality (designed by CoolTool*) is a powerful AI-based app that literally turns any mobile device into a fully-fledged tool for studying website or app users’ behavior by recording their emotions, where they look and how they behave. It unites eye tracking, facial coding, surveys, voice recording and click-and-scroll tracking to redefine the paradigm for user testing. UXReality helps designers, researchers and product teams to validate UX assumptions, improve UI efforts and increase conversions on mobile sites and apps.

Before being publicly released, UXReality app had already won the 2019 North American Insight Innovation Competition and taken the 1st place at The MarTech Award 2019 as the best CRO tool. By using powerful AI algorithms and device cameras the app 'understands' where users look at the screen, their browsing behavior and how they react to each screen. It allows insights on a radically higher level than other tools and generates a holistic understanding of the “WHY's” of user behavior that site analytics cannot deliver. 




As myriad behavioral science studies have proven, the major problem with user experience research is humans are irrational. People often don't understand their behavioral motivations and can't say what influences their decisions; pure observation or user surveys cannot fully identify and explain what are the random external factors that impact user behavior. 

Explaining the importance of this issue, CEO Dmitry Gaiduk said: “Understanding user behavior on mobile is critical for business success, but today is very challenging. More than 70% of the global population own a smartphone, so understanding the user experience on these devices for optimizing e-commerce and marketing cannot be overstated. However, despite continuous improvements of UX and UI, the user experience on mobile often remains poor and around 80% of carts on mobile are abandoned.  This breakage in the path-to-purchase is inefficient on all levels. Unfortunately, most of the available usability or experience-measurement tools only reveal what users already did on the device, but don’t explain the “why” of their decisions, so changing the situation has been challenging. There is a need to literally see the website through the users’ eyes and understand their feelings to create high-quality user interfaces and mitigate the frustrations and inefficiencies of most mobile experiences. “ 

UXReality solves this problem. This app changes the idea itself of obtaining mobile user insights - it replaces the whole usability lab and automates the process of getting and analyzing insights on both what users did as well as why they did it. This creates the opportunity to optimize the user experience and boost conversions. 



UXReality is the first mobile-centric solution in the world that turns any mobile device (with user permission) into a fully-fledged tool for studying website or app user behavior. 

This small but powerful AI-powered app has broken the old insurmountable limits allowing business stakeholders to: 

1. SEE THROUGH THE USERS' EYES by tracking gaze (via AI webcam eye-tracking), scrolls, and clicks while a user is interacting with a website or app. You get gaze maps that reflect live experience, not click-based heatmaps. 

2. UNDERSTAND USERS' FEELINGS by flash analyzing their facial expressions (via webcam facial coding) simultaneously with eye movements. You get timeline-based users' visual emotion analysis (delight, surprise, neutral, etc.) to know what they feel in every particular moment of interaction.

3. KNOW WHAT USERS SAY AND THINK by complementing unconscious users’ reactions with their answers (via survey and voice recordings) to understand true consumer feedback and real causes of behavior.

UXReality changes the rules of UX research by making it as fast, easy and affordable as never before:

  • It works in two modes - in-house (moderated lab testing) and remotely (unmoderated testing)
  • It has built-in online panels - send your UX studies to users worldwide
  • You can easily set up UX studies in using multiple account options




Gregg Archibald, Managing Director of Gen2 Advisors, a leading strategic advisory firm that has been working with CoolTool on the development of UXReality, says: “Dmitry and his team have built a potentially game-changing solution with huge implications for sectors as e-commerce, marketing, market research, advertising, mobile gaming, and assistive technology for communication. We evaluate new technology on a regular basis, but it’s rare to see something as exciting as UXReality. It is the real deal.”

After extensive early testing, the app is available to download on Google Play. It’s fully free while in beta so designers, researchers, product managers, and others can experience the power the solution brings to the market. It will be available for iOS and Chrome in early 2020. This week the app has also been released on Product Hunt (you can support us here).


UXReality - Turn your smartphone into UX lab for mobile user testing 📱 | Product Hunt Embed 


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