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15 of the Best Sources on Mobile Apps Marketing to Read

15 of the Best Sources on Mobile Apps Marketing to Read

Brands go for mobile applications development nowadays. As of the third quarter of 2019, Android users were able to choose between 2.1 million apps. Apple's App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 2 million available apps. 

In most cases, mobile apps are the best options for users when it comes to interacting with the company’s content and products.

If you are a newbie to mobile applications marketing but were recently thinking about boosting your company’s sales and improving the quality of service with a mobile app, then you’ll enjoy the list of links below.
These 15 info sources will provide you with practical knowledge and professional insights into the world of mobile applications marketing, design and development.

Best content pieces on Mobile Apps Marketing 

1. Mobile Marketing Statistics Compilation

This content piece by Smart Insights provides a comprehensive overview of the latest mobile marketing trends. The research is based on an in-depth analysis of large volumes of data.

It will be very useful for those who want to better understand why mobile applications market grows so rapidly as well as why in the majority of cases it’s impossible for brands to satisfy the demands of contemporary users without a relevant mobile app.

2. How to Model Viral Growth: The Hybrid Model

Old but gold – that’s how this LinkedIn post by founder and CEO of Superhuman, a very popular e-mail client, can be characterized. In this article from 2012, Rahul Vohra came up with an interesting case-study which dwells on the model of viral growth.

The interesting thing is that this model can be easily applied to transform your application into a viral one. The explanations may seem a little bit complicated from the first sight, but they definitely worth to dive into since the conclusions are pretty surprising.

3. Learn How People Use Your App – An App Analytics Tools Round-UP

This article provides you with a comprehensive overview of tools you can apply to analyze how users use your application.

With the help of tools presented in the article, you can easily track and analyze users’ acquisition, retention, activation and other basic indicators which will help you to draw informed conclusions on users’ behavioral patterns. Application of these tools will enable you to substantially improve the marketing of your mobile app. By the way, the majority of services listed in the article are free of charge.

4. The 8 Mobile App Metrics That Matter

The effectiveness of every tool used by the company should be measured and mobile application shouldn’t be an exception. This content piece by Localytics provides an overview of 8 basic metrics to measure in order to achieve the ultimate performance of your mobile application.

5. All the Resources You Need for a Successful App Launch

The mobile application launch may be as complicated as its development. Thanks to this list of useful links, you can substantially facilitate this task for yourself and get optimal outreach for the minimal cost.

6. The App Store Optimization Checklist: Top 10 Tips

This article provides you with an in-depth overview of tricks and tips you can use to maximize the success of your application in the Apple Store. From playing with keywords to outside promotions and compelling description – this article dwells on every aspect of the mobile apps promotion in App Store.

Best resources for mobile apps developers and UX/UI designers

7. Stackoverflow



Stackoverflow is a platform for developers where they can exchange opinions on certain issues based on their experience. It works in a very simple way. One developer posts a question defining his areas of interest with the help of hashtags. Other developers post answers to this question. The best answers are uprated and are listed first in the search results. This website allows finding detailed answers to practically any questions related to applications development. 


8. Tuts+




This website offers around 20’000 tutorials on different topics including coding and web-design. Numerous practical manuals with code samples as well as video content offer enormous opportunities for those who want to learn the basics of app development or substantially improve already acquired skills. Regardless of the purpose, you are pursuing in app development, the Code section of the website will definitely provide you with loads of relevant information. 


9. Android Developers Blog



This resource has quite an obvious name. It will be ultimately useful for all of you who look into the development of Android-based applications. This is a Newsfeed-style website, where you can find updates on the latest options of the OS, best features of most popular Android applications and many other topics. By the way, the content for the website is prepared by practicing Google developers, thus it’s needless to mention that the quality of insights is really high. 


10. LukeW Ideation and Design



This website is different from those presented above. First of all, it’s a blog managed by the globally recognized digital products developer Luke Wroblewski. Secondly, here you can find information not only about the technical side of the applications development, but useful insights about the business component of the mobile applications development and promotion. The blog is rich on native content as well as articles based on external studies and research.


11. NSHipster



This platform will be of particular interest for more experienced developers. Such topics as peculiarities of coding languages, development innovations and content on other technical issues are in abundance here. This site talks to developers in their language so it will be of particular interest to the tech-brained audience. 


12. iOS Dev Weekly




This one is for those of you who already got frustrated about the fact that we mentioned purely Android platform above. iOS Dev Weekly is a digest with over 36’000 subscribers which provides its audience with the latest updates from the world of iOS-based applications development. The platform aggregates the most interesting, popular and informative links to content related to the different topics of iOS applications development.


13. Android Headlines



This platform has over 2 million readers monthly. It’s another perfect source of information for those who want to start the development of an Android-based application. This website closely works with Google in order to provide the most up-to-date information about Android products as well as useful insights on applications development.


14. Inspired UI



This is a website for those who care not only about the functionality but about the design of their applications. We strongly advise visiting this platform if you want to get inspired by the best examples of applications interface design for both iOS and Android apps. It has 33 different categories dedicated to particular design features, so if you don’t know how to shape a particular part of your application, Inspired UI is definitely a place to visit.






PTTRNS is pretty much like Inspired UI except for the fact it has only iOS app design examples. With over 2’900 design patterns in the library, it represents an ultimate source of inspiration for any iOS developer. Of course, Android developers are also welcomed here, since you can easily adapt those designs to the “green” platform (just don’t tell iOS people about this).

We hope that regardless of the stage of the mobile app development you are at now or whether you are a developer, marketer, UI/UX designer or even a company’s owner, the links presented above will help you to find answers to the majority of questions you are interested in. 



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